Dr. Ann Doris Duffy

Faculty of Social Sciences - Department of Sociology

Dr. Ann Doris Duffy

Information for Graduate Students

Department of Sociology
Brock University
e-mail: aduffy@brocku.ca
office: AS 404
phone: 905 688-5550 ext. 3517 

Core faculty member in the graduate program of Critical Sociology and Social Justice and Equity Studies

Affiliated faculty member Labour Studies Program


B.A. Hons. McMaster University (Sociology)
M.A. McMaster University (Sociology)
Ph.D. McMaster University (Sociology) 

Teaching Areas:

Paid and Unpaid Work
Gender and Employment
Critical Thinking and Expression

Courses Recently Taught

SOCI 2P10: Critical Thinking and Expression
SOCI 3P58: Women and Aging
SOCI 4P32: Advanced Seminar in Work

SOCI 5P80: Problems and Possibilities in Economic Life
SJES 5P01: Graduate Seminar
SJES 5P03: Research Methods in Social Justice and Equity Studies


Research interests

I am a sociologist who works from a feminist political economy perspective, employing qualitative and well as quantitative methods. Past research interests include part-time employment, unpaid work, technology and employment. Currently, I am principal investigator in a SSHRC-supported research team which is exploring the impact of deindustrialization in Welland, Ontario. This project relies primarily on in-depth interviews with displaced industrial workers and community leaders. However, it is informed by both historical analysis and quantitative data.  

I also have a long-standing interest in sociology of families and family violence. Presently I am revising, with my co-author, a text on family violence in Canada. Other publications in this area include work on violence against women and power in family relations. 

My research contributions include co-edited texts, with Nancy Mandell, on the Sociology of the Family that have helped reframe the field and co-edited on the Sociology of Work.  

My research straddles sociology and labour studies and I have a strong interest in the past and future role of organized labour in Canada and globally.