Program Description

MA in Critical Sociology

Program Description

The purpose of our program is to inform Master of Arts students of the latest developments in these intellectual discourses and to prepare them to advance theoretical analyses, methodological approaches, social research projects, and social policy initiatives.

Drawing on existing strengths in the department, the emphasis in courses and faculty-supervised graduate research will be on theory, methods, and empirical research that prioritize challenges to oppression, disenfranchisement, and social inequalities in social arrangements. This approach encompasses a variety of critical sociological frameworks including, for example, feminist trajectories in sociological thought, Marxist political economy, political ecology, critical race theory, post-colonial theory, post-structuralist and queer paradigms, critical criminology, animal rights work, environmentalism, and critiques of and alternatives to current economic arrangements.

While students will be introduced to the classical and foundational texts in Critical Sociology, they will be encouraged to explore cutting edge theories, methodologies and empirical research. They will also examine a diverse range of sociological methodologies, in particular ethnographic research, interview and survey-based research methods, critical discourse analysis, and feminist methodologies. This theoretical and methodological foundation, coupled with exposure to diverse empirical concerns, will prepare students to develop sophisticated and rigorous approaches to critical sociological research and analysis.

"The Master of Arts in Critical Sociology (MACS) Program at Brock offers learners an exciting opportunity to explore, analyze and challenge all (human and non-human) aspects of the social world through a critical interdisciplinary lens. Informed by the latest and most dynamic perspectives and methodologies from sociology and a range of allied disciplines, learners examine various forms of inequality and oppression as they manifest themselves in the workplace, the home, the political sphere, popular culture, and every other realm of social life.

Since its inception in 2009, the MACS Program has come to be widely regarded for its social justice emphasis, critically-oriented scholarship and intellectual culture, and its willingness to transcend the traditional disciplinary boundaries of sociology to bridge cutting-edge perspectives from the social sciences, humanities, and even the natural sciences. Aided by the privilege of working in a small program, our ambitious, diverse, and committed faculty help students to cultivate academic and professional skills, knowledge, and a critical outlook that prepare learners for a wide array of careers and socio-political commitments. Many of our graduate students go on to pursue doctoral studies at other universities.

Thank you for taking some time to learn about our program. I welcome your inquiries."

- Dr. Kevin Gosine, Graduate Program Director


  • Our small program size allows for high quality and extensive interactions in formal and informal settings with faculty and other graduate students.
  • Twenty-two engaged and diverse faculty members with a wide range of research interests constitute the core of the program.
  • Two Canadian Research Chairs currently teach and supervise in the program.
  • A critical curriculum structures all core and elective courses.
  • Our spacious new graduate student office is furnished with up-to-date equipment.
  • The department of Sociology organizes many academic events that contribute to graduate student training and learning.
  • Students are exposed to a breadth of critical sociological material.

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