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Hello Students!    Welcome to Sociology at Brock from Sociology Advising!

We will help you understand the degree options in sociology and the related course and grade requirements.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with your degree-related questions or book advising as needed either by e-mail (provide student number) or by booking advising.

Your first advising appointment will be in year one (the sooner you book advising the better).  Your will receive a program plan that outlines your degree needs.   As you progress through your degree, we will continue to answer your questions and meet with you to provide practical support and guidance and to review your degree requirements.  Be sure to book advising again, prior to mid-November of year 3 studies to have your program plan updated and for further clarification of various program logistics.

Your academic adviser is here to support you and guide you through your years at Brock.  If we ourselves are unable to assist you, we will try our best to refer you to the appropriate channels of support for any assistance you require related to special needs, personal issues, or academic difficulties that you may encounter.  We wish you a successful learning experience at Brock; one that allows you to thrive individually and academically!

Please be sure to book advising with a sociology adviser or to e-mail us using your brock e-mail.  To book access the following link:  -  login – click ‘Applicant & Student Self Serve’  -  Upper left on your screen click ‘Student Self Serve Menu’  - Click ‘Appointments’ – click ‘Appointment’ (again) – find the department ie. Sociology – Select Reason ie. ‘Other’  - click ‘go’ button – select appointment with Adviser – Viola – select a time.

Year 1, 2, 3, 4 students:  Book advising with Viola Bartel (at least by mid-November of year 3 studies) to review you courses and grades to graduate, to declare any degree elements, to submit an  Applications to Year 4  (honours stream students)  or  e-mail with any degree or registration related questions providing your student number:

·        Transfer students transitioning to Brock from colleges or other universities:  Contact advising prior to registering for any courses to determine how your transfer credits fit into your Brock sociology degree and to obtain a program plan indicating your sociology degree needs. 

·        Declarations into sociology based degree requirements:  Through advising, declare sociology as a major or co-major.  Sociology honours majors are eligible to declare a concentration in critical animal studies or criminology.  Non-majors may declare a minor in either sociology or critical animal studies.  Sociology majors may declare a minor in an alternative department. 

·        Approval of course equivalencies:   Sociology advisors approve sociology Letter of Permission (LOP) or Exchange courses, taken elsewhere for Brock degree credit or abroad on exchange.

·         Contact sociology advising to become actively involved in the SSA, Sociology Student Association.  It is a good opportunity to network with your peers, plan and attend social events or engage in community fund-raising.