Welcome to the Department of Sociology!

Department of Sociology

Welcome to the Department of Sociology!


Academic Advising - Please note changes to booking appointments:


Please be sure to book advising with a sociology adviser or to e-mail us using your brock e-mail.  To book access the following link:  

www.brocku.ca  -  login – click ‘Applicant & Student Self Serve’  -  Upper left on your screen click ‘Student Self Serve Menu’  - Click ‘Appointments’ – click ‘Appointment’ (again) – find the department ie. Sociology – Select Reason ie. ‘Other’  - click ‘go’ button – select appointment with Adviser – Viola – select a time.


Congress Update!

The Department of Sociology reception for the Canadian Sociological Association information has been posted on the Brock Congress webpage! 

: http://www.csa-scs.ca/files/webapps/csapress/annual-conferences/2013/11/15/department-reception/


Sociology Professor Janet Conway featured on The Agenda

Last week, TVO's current affairs program, The Agenda hosted a panel, "Democracy in a Globalizing World" featuring our own, Dr. Janet Conway, CRC in Social Justice and faculty member of SJES, the Social Justice Research Institute and the Department of Sociology.

The other panelists were Saskia Sassen, Columbia University; Fahim Quadir, York University, and William Coleman, Balsillie School of International Affairs.

Here are links to the online video and podcast: