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Student Experience at Brock

 One of the exciting and unique aspects of Brock University is our seminar system. Most courses taught here at Brock and within our psychology department have both a lecture and seminar component. Lectures usually take place in large lecture halls (as most people are familiar with in university settings). What makes us different from many universities is the seminar component. Seminars are smaller groups, usually consisting of fewer than 20 people that are usually led by a graduate student or even an upper year undergraduate student. In seminars, students are given the opportunity to discuss course material, ask questions, argue in debates, or present research findings to their fellow students. Students often find that they feel more comfortable voicing their opinion or asking questions that they may have in these smaller groups than they would in a large lecture setting. However it is important for students to keep in mind that professors are happy to meet with them and answer questions or discuss course material, even outside of classes.

All students who choose Psychology as their major must take PSYC 1F90, our Introductory Psychology course. One of the ways we introduce our students to the research process that happens through the department is by allowing PSYC 1F90 students to earn some course credit by participating in research studies. As you move on in your undergraduate career there are many opportunities to become involved in the research that goes on in the department. Many professors hire undergraduate students as Research Assistants, and all Honours Psychology students will complete a thesis (an empirical research project carried out under the supervision of a faculty member).

The seminar system also provides opportunities for undergraduate students to work as Teaching Assistants in the department.


Please investigate the links below to discover more about the opportunities to get involved in the Psychology Department and gain valuable experience.

Seminar Leader/Teaching Assistant (paid position)

Research Assistant (RA) (volunteer & paid position)

Undergraduate Student Representatives