Brock Lab of Intergroup Processes (BLIP)

Brock Lab of Intergroup Processes (BLIP)


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Dr. Gordon Hodson

Gordon Hodson (PhD, University of Western Ontario) is Professor of Psychology at Brock University, and the Director of the Brock Lab of Intergroup Processes (BLIP).

His research interests involve stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination, with particular interests in individual differences (e.g., authoritarianism), intergroup contact and cross-group friendship, emotions (e.g., disgust; empathy), and dehumanization.

He is a former Associate Editor at the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology (JESP), and presently serves on the Editorial Boards of Social Psychological and Personality Science (SPPS), the European Review of Social Psychology (ERSP), and the European Journal of Social Psychology (EJSP). He has previously been on the boards of the Journal of Social and Personality Psychology (JPSP) and the Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science (CJBS).


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Mark Hoffarth (PhD Student)

Mark is interested in factors leading to the expression of intergroup bias, in particular with regards to sexual orientation and gender roles. He is also interested in political ideology, intergroup emotions, and human sexuality.

Advisor: Dr. Hodson

Sample publication: 

Hoffarth, M.R., & Hodson, G. (2014). Is subjective ambivalence toward gays a modern form of bias? Personality and Individual Differences, 69, 75-80. 


Paul Adachi (PhD student)

I am a PhD student working with Dr. Teena Willoughby in the Adolescent Development Lab at Brock. I am interesting in the relationship between competitive video game play and aggression among adolescents and emerging adults. I am also interested in the effects of intergroup competition on prejudice and discrimination.

Recipient of the Jack M. Miller Excellence in Research Award (2014). 

Sample publication: 

Adachi, P., Hodson, G., Willoughby, T., & Zanette, S. (in press). Brothers or sisters in arms: Intergroup cooperation in a violent shooter game can reduce intergroup prejudice. Psychology of Violence

Adachi, P., Hodson, G., & Hoffarth, M.R. (in press). Video game play and intergroup relations: Real world implications for prejudice and discrimination. Aggression and Violent Behavior


Malvina Skorska (PhD Student)

 Malvina is a PhD student working under the supervision of Professor Bogaert. In addition to her interests in human sexuality, Malvina is interested in prejudices toward sexual minorities. She is presently working on a research apprenticeship in the Intergroup Relations Laboratory.

Sample publication: 

Hodson, G., & Skorska, M.N. (in press). Tapping generalized essentialism to predict outgroup prejudices. British Journal of Social Psychology.  


Megan Earle (Honours Thesis Student)

Megan is a fourth year psychology student at Brock. She is interested in prejudice and discrimination, as well as the learning and internalization of stereotypes.

Advisor: Dr. Hodson


Jessie Shannon (Honours Thesis Student)

Jessie is a fourth year honours psychology student. She is interested in prejudice and discrimination, particularly with regard to religious beliefs and sexual orientation. She also has forensic-related interests. 

Advisor: Dr. Hodson


 Natalia Kubishyn (Research Assistant)


Emily Murphy (Research Assistant)

Emily is a third year Honours Psychology student at Brock. She is particularly interested in prejudice, discrimination, and the stigmatization of mental illness. 



Research Assistants

Lindsay Fulham

Taylor Heffer 

Christina Lapytskaia

Lindsay Gerrard

Gloria Gordon

Mimoza Aliu

Carlie LeBlanc

Amanda Benoit

Sarah McComb


Lab Alumni

Nour Kteily, PhD (completed a SSHRC-funded postdoc in the lab); Presently an Assistant Professor at the Kellogg School of Management. 

Cara MacInnis, PhD (now a SSHRC postdoctoral fellow at the University of Toronto, working with Liz Page-Gould). Recipient of the Jack M. Miller Excellence in Research Award (2013). Starting as Assistant Professor in Psychology at the University of Calgary, July 2015.

Kimberly Costello, PhD (now professor at Senca College)

Becky Choma, PhD (presently an Asssistant Professor at Ryerson University). 2014 Canadian Psychology Association (CPA) President's New Researcher Award recipient. 

Leanne Gosse, PhD (now a SSHRC postdoc at University of Waterloo)

Beenish Khan, MA

PJ Sangalang, MA


Visiting Scholars

Kristof Dhont, PhD (summer 2013)