Brock Lab of Intergroup Processes (BLIP)

Brock Lab of Intergroup Processes (BLIP)

About Us

In this laboratory, we are interested in a host of intergroup phenomena, with particular focus on stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination.  This overall focus can be broken down into several key areas of investigation (for a brief overview, see RESEARCH TOPICS).

We have broad interests in prejudice generally, whether toward immigrants, foreigners, homosexuals, the obese, Americans, Muslims, women. We are even interested in fictitious groups and attitudes toward non-human animals.

Where a group or "other" exists, you can bet that someone expresses a negative attitude toward that group, or a positive stereotype that can nonetheless oppress that group. We seek to discover as much as we can about these processes, and are actively working on ways to circumvent and/or reduce negative intergroup relations.




Uncovering the multiple causes of prejudice and intergroup bias