Department of Psychology

Department of Psychology

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The department has a number of well-equipped laboratories housing equipment for animal neurobehavioural studies, particularly for bioacoustic and locomotor analyses; animal labs with operant chambers, Y-mazes, automated activity cages, and provisions for surgery and histology; computer-driven sleep-state scorer and a program for power spectral analysis; portable computer systems for on- or off-site monitoring of sleep; RF-shielded, sound-attenuated rooms for the collection of EEG, ERP, GSR, EKG and EMG data; biofeedback and tachistoscopic systems; hypermedia laboratory equipped with high capacity computer equipment, voice digitizer, and a laser-vision player; observation rooms and play rooms with one-way mirror observation and video equipment; an extensive library of personality, cognitive and neuropsychological assessment materials; portable computers for on- and off-site testing; and laboratory space for individual and group testing and for analysis and storage of data and an easily accessed pool of Psychology undergraduates who regularly volunteer for research participation.

Electronic and machine shops provide for the construction and/or repair of research equipment as needed. Computer facilities are available, accessible and capable of managing large data sets and all relevant statistical programs. The University Library is housed on seven floors of the Schmon Tower, the focal point of the campus, and has extensive holdings of material relevant to the three areas of specialization as well as system-wide access to the many libraries in other Southern Ontario universities and teaching hospitals. We have on-line access to many scientific data bases as well as on-line access to a large number of leading journals with the capability of downloading articles directly.

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