Psychology Graduate Program

Psychology Graduate Program


Faculty Research Interests

The following is a list of faculty members in the Psychology Department who may be available to supervise M.A. and or Ph.D. students who will enter the program in September 2016. The application deadline is December 15, 2015 for September 2016 admission. Clicking on the faculty name will take you to individual pages with contact information, expanded research interests, and recent publications. We have also provided keywords for research interests to help you in your search to identify possible supervisors, and links to lab websites where available.

Faculty Name

Taking students to start in
September 2016


Karen Arnell

YES attention; dual task; distraction; individual differences; emotion; EEG & ERPs
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Michael Ashton

POSSIBLY personality structure and assessment; other individual differences

Kathy Belicki

NO forgiveness; forgiveness seeking; impact of trauma on dreams and sleep quality; intersection of pastoral theology & psychology

Tony Bogaert

NO human sexuality

Angela Book

YES forensic; psychopathy; victim selection
Stefan Brudzynski
NO animal vocalization and communication; expression of emotionality
Michael Busseri
YES subjective well-being; temporal self-appraisals; dispositional optimism
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Kimberly Cote
YES sleep; performance and cognition; EEG and ERPs
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Andrew Dane YES children & adolescents aggression; problem gambling; parenting; temperament
Stephen Emrich NO

cognitive neuroscience; visual working memory; attention; perception; ERPs; fMRI
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Angela Evans
YES development of deception; interviewing children; social-cognitive development; executive functioning
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Dawn Good YES cognitive neuropsychology; physiological; traumatic brain injury; attention; memory
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Carolyn Hafer NO social justice; belief in a just world; deservingness; human rights
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Gordon Hodson
YES intergroup relations; prejudice; stereotyping; discrimination, personality, individual differences; intergroup contact, dehumanization; disgust; anxiety, empathy
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Gary Libben YES psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics, lexical processing, the mental lexicon, language processing across languages
Caitlin Mahy YES

development of prospective memory; children's episodic future thinking; executive functioning;  theory of mind; lifespan development
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Tanya Martini
NO student engagement; skills-based learning among undergrads; transition from university to work
Cheryl McCormick
YES developmental neuroendocrinology; sex hormones; stress hormones; aggressive behaviour; neuropsychological function; drugs of abuse. Cheryl also accepts graduate students through the Biology program. Please contact her if you would like to be considered for acceptance in the Biology grad program
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John Mitterer
NO postmodernism; media; psychology of men; cognition and instruction
Catherine Mondloch
YES face recognition; emotional expressions; perceptual development; perceiving in- versus out-group faces; attentional mechanisms; lifespan development.
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Cameron Muir YES behavioural neuroendocrinology; reproductive and stress physiology
Tim Murphy YES sleep deprivation; ERPs; risk assessment; performance monitoring
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Gary Pickering

YES psychophysics; taste, olfaction; genetics of chemosensory perception; wine
Linda Rose-Krasnor
NO shyness; youth engagement, social development
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Sid Segalowitz YES emotional and cognitive self-regulation/social-neuroscience issues using electrophysiology (EEG, ERP), especially in the context of development
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Elizabeth Shulman YES adolescent development; psychosocial maturation; reward sensitivity; risk-taking; decision-making; juvenile justice
Teena Willoughby YES adolescent development; resilience; risk taking; academic underachievement; technology influences
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Veena Dwivedi
Applied Linguistics
YES language processing, ERPs; neurolinguistics; reading comprehension
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Antonia Mantonakis (Business)

YES cognitive psychology; consumer psychology
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Tony Volk (CHYS) YES evolutionary psychology, bullying, psychopathy, parenting, childhood
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