Psychology Graduate Program

Psychology Graduate Program

Admissions information (from Faculty of Graduate Studies)

We encourage all interested students to review our admission requirements to determine eligibility for Graduate Studies at Brock University.

Our online application and accompanying instructions can be found on our website.

Please refer to your specific program of interest for application deadlines and additional application materials as they vary by program.

If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact


Department of Psychology
Application Information



Application instructions are available on the Faculty of Graduate Studies website. If you have more specific questions concerning qualifications, policies and procedures within the Psychology Graduate program, please contact us by email or


It is Department policy to provide some financial support to each full-time student if required and it is University policy to subsidize International Students where possible. Funding levels are indicated when an offer of admission is made.


The online application must be completed, including all supporting documents, by December 15th if you are applying to enter the program in September.  


Admission Requirements

Successful completion of an Honours Bachelor's degree, or equivalent, in Psychology or Neuroscience with a minimum B average. Note that while the University minimum average is B, our program typically does not accept students with less than an overall B+ average. An empirical Honours thesis, or evidence of similar research, is required.

To be included with your application:

1. All official transcripts of academic work completed to date.

2. Two confidential letters of recommendation, preferably academic, from instructors most familiar with your academic work. You will be entering the contact details of the referee, and they will be sent a link electronically for the purposes of completing their evaluation of the applicant. Hard copy (i.e., paper) reference letters will not be accepted.

3. Include a Personal Statement of Interest in pursuing graduate studies. It should be no more than one page and provide some indication of your research experience (i.e. thesis research, RA work) as well as your intermediate and long term goals. Although not a requirement for your application package, an updated CV, listing any publications, presentations, research assistant work, etc. would be considered an asset. Statement (and optional CV) must be uploaded.

4. Complete the Research Form and upload. On this you will indicate, in order of preference, potential faculty members as supervisors.

5. Official scores from the General Graduate Record Examination (GRE). Once you have received an email from ETS that your official scores are available, go to your GRE Account to view and print a copy of the scores.  You must then scan the report (Examinee Score Report), save it as a PDF, and then upload it to your Brock portal.  Please do not send hard copies of the scores to Brock.  Scores on the GRE subject (psychology) test are NOT required for those with backgrounds in psychology or neuroscience.

6. If English is not your native language, please see the information on the Faculty of Graduate Studies website for providing evidence of competency in English.


The Department will consider applications from applicants with backgrounds other than psychology or neuroscience. The applicant must have completed a Bachelor's Thesis in another discipline that involved empirical research at a level comparable to a Psychology (or Neuroscience) Honours Thesis. Candidates must submit Graduate Record Examination Scores, both the General GREs and the Advanced Psychology (and/or Neuroscience) section. When applicants are unable to provide evidence of sufficient background preparation, they may be advised to take upper level Psychology undergraduate courses and reapply. Advising an applicant to upgrade does not obligate the Department to accept the candidate upon resubmission. If you have further questions please email



Admission Requirements:

Admission to the Ph.D. program requires completion of an M.A., M.Sc., or M.A.Sc in Psychology or Neuroscience or its equivalent. Students must have achieved an A average for the previous two years of graduate study and evidence of research competence, normally demonstrated by an Empirical Master's Thesis. Students are selected by the Psychology Graduate Admissions Committee in consultation with a core faculty member who is willing to act as the student's supervisor.

Documents Required

See above MA document requirements

NOTE for PhD Applicants: Official scores from the General Section of the Graduate Record Examination must be scanned and uploaded. Test results can be photocopies and can have been written within the last ten years. NOTE: GRE Subject (Psychology) scores are not required for those with backgrounds in psychology or neuroscience.


In recognition of the interdisciplinary nature of Psychology, the Admissions Committee will consider applications from students holding degrees in allied fields. To ensure that such applicants have a background in psychology adequate for successful completion of their graduate program, the following conditions for eligibility to the Ph.D. program have been established for candidates holding a non-psychology (or neuroscience) Master's degree. In addition to the requirements above (i.e. for those with backgrounds in psychology or neuroscience):

  • Applicants must have completed a Master's thesis in another discipline that involved empirical research of scope and complexity comparable to that of a Master's Psychology thesis.
  • Applicants must present recent evidence of suitable background knowledge in the form of a score for the Advanced Psychology or Neuroscience section of the Graduate Record Examination (scanned and uploaded).


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