Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Program

 The Bachelor of Arts Honours program in Political Science provides students with the opportunity for a intensive examination of issues in the field. Political Science may be combined at the Honours or Pass level with other disciplines, the choice depending upon the student's interests and capabilities. As well, it is possible, within the departmental offerings, to arrange a thematic program of study around a selection of courses built to suit the student's particular interests.

All students in Political Science especially those proceeding to graduate studies or to a career in the public service, are encouraged to become proficient in a language other than English, normally French. Students who develop interests in a particular geographical area are urged to select related courses in history, language and literature. MATH 1F92 provides a sound background in those skills often employed in modern social science research. Questions about the Political Science program should be directed to Diane Leon, the Undergraduate Program Adviser.

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Nik Nanos: Election 2015 Deconstructed
November 19, 2015 - 7:30pm - 9:00pm