Paul Hamilton

Faculty of Social Sciences

Paul Hamilton

Associate Professor specializing in Comparative Politics (Western democracies), nationalism and ethnic politics

Phone: 905-688-5550 ext. 4646
Office: PL 325


B.A. (Brock); M.A. (McMaster); Ph.D. (Alberta)

Doctoral thesis: "The Limits and Potential of Civic Nationalism: The Case of the Scottish National Party" (Defended August 2000)

Teaching 2014-15

Political Science 1F90: Introduction to Political Science
Political Science 5P85: Graduate seminar in Comparative Politics

Courses previously taught

1F90 (Introduction to Political Science)

2F30 (Introduction to Comparative Politics)

2P97 (Government and Politics of the USA)

3P37 (Politics of Human-Animal Relations)

3P44 (Government and Politics of the European Union)

4/5P38 (Nationalism and Ethnic Politics)


My research interests fall into three areas:

1) The politics of nationalism in Western democracies. 

2) The politics of religion and integration in Western democracies. 

3) The politics of animal rights/welfare.

Selected Publications

Hamilton, Paul. 2011. "Animal Liberation: A View from Political Science" Brock Review Vol. 12: No. 1:  pp. 129-143.

Hamilton, Paul.  2011 . "Muslims in America" Quarterly Report #7 for Stephen Brooks. 2009. Understanding American Politics (University of Toronto).

* Hamilton, Paul. 2008."Environmentalism and Nationalism, 1945-85" in Nations and Nationalisms: A Global Historical Overview Vol. 1 ABC-Clio Herb, Guntram and David H. Kaplan eds., pp. 875-887.

* Hamilton, Paul. 2008 "Comparing Climate Change Policy in the European Union and North America: Cultural and Institutional Approaches" in Climate Change: Kyoto—Ten Years and Still Counting Velma I. Grover ed. Science Publishers, Inc. Enfield , New Hampshire , Oxford and IBH Ltd. India., pp. 563-580.

* Hamilton, Paul. 2005. "EU Enlargement and the Consolidation of Democracy in the Czech Republic , Estonia and Slovenia ," in Philosophy to Politics: Essays in Memory of Dimitrios Panopalis Edited by Don Carmichael. University of Alberta , Department of Political Science: Edmonton . pp. 128-147.

* Hamilton, Paul. 2004. "Converging Nationalisms: Quebec, Scotland, and Wales in Comparative Perspective," Nationalism and Ethnic Politics Vol. 10, No. 4. pp. 657-686.

* Hamilton, Paul. 2002. "The Greening of Nationalism: Nationalizing Nature in Europe," Environmental Politics 11:2, pp. 27-48.

* Hamilton, Paul.1999. "Scotland’s National Paradox: Explaining the Scottish National Party’s Absent Ethnic Element," The Canadian Review of Studies in Nationalism Vol. XXVI: No. 1-2: 17-36.