Juris Dreifelds

Faculty of Social Sciences

Juris Dreifelds

Associate Professor specializing in Comparative Politics (Russia and the Post Soviet Republics, Canadian Politics, Environmental Politics, Political Sociology)

Phone: 905-688-5550 ext. 3478
E-mail: jdreifelds@brocku.ca


B.Sc.F., M.A., Ph. D University of Toronto

Research Interests:

My major interest is in the politics of the Baltic Republics. They have now reached a new stage of development and will face new challenges as members of the European Union and NATO. My focus of research has been on the processes of change involved in their reorientation from Soviet Republics to viable, liberal, democratic states based on a free market economy. A second area of interest is in Canadian and Russian environmental policy and Quebec politics.

Selected Publications:

* "Religion in Latvia" in K. Isaacs and A. Cimdina, eds., Religion and Political Change in Europe: Past and Present, Universita di Pisa, Italy, Edizioni Plus, 2004 (forthcoming)
* "Sustainable Development in Latvia" in T. Jundzis, ed, Latvia in Europe, Vision of the Future, Riga, Latvian Academy of Sciences, 2004 (forthcoming)
* "Latvia" in Freedom House, Nations in Transit 2004: Democratization in East Central Europe and Eurasia Larsham MD, Rowman & Littlefield, 2004(forthcoming)
* "The Degradation and Protection of the Environment in Latvia" in T. Puisans, ed, Unpunished Crimes: Latvia under three Occupations, Stockholm, Memento, 2003, pp 139-154.
* "Divergent Paths of the Ombudsman Idea in the Baltic States" in T. Jundzis, ed. The Baltic States at Historical Crossroads, Riga, Latvian Academy of Sciences, 2001, pp 249-265.
* "International Press Reaction Concerning the Declaration of Latvia’s Independence" in T. Jundzis, ed., May 4, 1990; Riga, Latvian Academy of Sciences, 2000, pp 124-131 (in Latvian)
* "Latvia" in Walter R. Iwaskiw, ed., Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania: Country Studies, Washington: Library of Congress, 1996.
* Latvia in Transition, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1996.