Ingrid Makus

Faculty of Social Sciences

Ingrid Makus

Associate Professor specializing in Political Philosophy (Canadian Political Thought, Gender and Politics)
Associate Dean of Graduate Studies and Research, Faculty of Social Sciences, July 1, 2010

Phone: 905-688-5550 ext. 4077


B.A. (Hons) (Winnipeg); M.A., Ph. D. (Toronto)

Research Interests:

Examining current debates over identity politics and rights discourse is my main interest at present. I am working on a book, which uses both contemporary (communitarian, post-modern) and traditional (Plato, Aristotle, Rousseau) accounts of political like to explore these debates. A key theme in the book is the need to ensure political continuity through the education of citizens and the establishing of justice between generations.

Selected Publications:

* "Reasoning about "Reasonable Accomodation": Charles Taylor on Negotiating Diversity in Canada, in Travelling Concepts: Negotiating Diversity in Canada and Europe" eds. Christian Lammert and Katja Sarkowsky (Verlag: 2010) pp 47-62.
* "Hobbes and Aristotle on Biology, Reason and Reproduction" in Matter and Form: From Natural Science to Political Philosophy: ed Ann Ward (Rowman & Littlefield: 2009) pp 163-174.
* "Nietzsche's Criticism of Socratic Reason" in Socrates: Reason or Unreason as the Foundation of European Identity, ed. Ann Ward (Cambridge Scholars Press, 2007)
* "Pity, Pride and Prejudice: Rousseau on the Passions" in Bringing the Passions Back In, ed. Rebecca Kingston and Leonard Ferry, (UBC Press, 2007).
* "Feminine Concealment and Masculine Openness in J.J. Rousseau", in Feminist Interpretations of Rousseau, ed Lynda Lange, (Penn State University Press, 2002), pp 187-211
* “Birth, Community and Citizenship: Some Reflections” in Ronald Beiner and Wayne Norman eds., in Canadian Political Philosophy, (Oxford University Press, 2000)