Graduate Student Research

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Graduate Student Research


Completed Theses and Major Research Papers

Emmanuel Kyeremeh (2015) "Exploring the discourse of skill/s mismatch in Ghana" (major research paper) (Supervisor: Jeff Boggs; Second Reader: David Butz)

Myda Khatcherian (2015) "Is green the new black? An analysis of sustainable consumer discourses in Elle Canada and Fashion Magazine" (major research paper) (Supervisor: Mike Ripmeester; Second Reader: Jeff Boggs)

Warren Jenkinson (2015) "Geographical applications for sound walks" (thesis) (Supervisor: David Butz; Supervisory Committee Members: Mike Ripmeester, Phil Mackintosh)

Tomasz Wierzba (2014) "Transforming Downtown St. Catharines into a 'Creative Cluster' (thesis) (Supervisor: Mike Ripmeester; Supervisory Committee Members: Ebru Ustundag, Chris Fullerton)

Micheal Boateng (2014)  "Rethinking fiscal decentralization policies in developing economies: the case of Ghana" (thesis) (Supervisor: Jeff Boggs; Committee Members: Tony Shaw, Chris Fullerton)

Pushpa Hamal (2014) "Rural road construction in the Global South: how does process shape outcome?" (major research paper) (Supervisor: David Butz; Committee Members: Chris Fullerton, Nancy Cook)

Oscar Asiedu Kuffour (2014) "Disaster risk reduction in the human security perspective: the case of urban Ghana" (major research paper) (Supervisor: David Butz; Second Reader: Tony Shaw)

Lisa Arblaster (2013) "Impacts of climate change on agricultural drought and yield amounts in the Prairie Region, Canada" (major research paper) (Supervisor: Tony Shaw; Second Reader: Jeff Boggs)

Heather Whipple (2013) "Extraterestrial human geographies" (major research paper) (Supervisor: Dragos Simandan; Second Reader: Catherine Jean Nash)

Kerrie Pickering (2013) "Assessing the Adaptive Capacity of the Wine Industry for Climate Change Adaptation: A Case Study of the Ontario Wine Industry" (thesis) (Supervisor: Tony Shaw; Committee Members: Ryan Plummer, Chris Fullerton)

Sara Epp (2013) "Competing and Conflicting Land Uses at the Rural-Urban Interface: Understanding the Impacts of Residential Developments on Agricultural Landscapes". (thesis) (Supervisor: Chris Fullerton; Committee Members: Hugh Gayler, Daryl Dagesse)

Mert Coskan (2013) "Illegal Aliens and the Inconspicuous Geographies of US Immigration and Border Policing within 100 miles of the US-Canada Border". (thesis) (Supervisor: Dragos Simandan; Committee Members: Phil Mackintosh, Ebru Ustundag)

Jess Barber (2012) "Technologies of the Sexual Encounter: Grindr and Urban Gay Places" (major research paper) (Supervisor: Catherine Nash; Second Reader: Ebru Ustundag)

Richard Lagani (2012) "Door Locks and Domestic Space: Unlocking Key Knowledge of the Home" (major research paper) (Supervisor: Mike Ripmeester; Second Reader: Phil Mackintosh)

Natalie Currie (2012) "The Art of Resisting Colonial Education." (thesis) (Supervisor: Mike Ripmeester; Committee Members: Ebru Ustunsag, Margot Francis)

Meithili Mitchell (2012) "Eclipsing Renewable Energy: Ignorance, Indifference, and Inaction" (major research paper) (Supervisor: Jeff Boggs; Second Reader: Tony Shaw)

Pius Siakwah (2011) "Defying the Resource Curse Thesis: A Test Case for the Emerging Oil and Gas Industry in Ghana." (major research paper) (Supervisor: Dragos Simandan; Second Reader: Tony Shaw)

Ian Wood (2011) "The Neoliberalisation of Street Vending Policy in Lima, Peru: The Contested Politics of Citizenship, Property and Public Space in the Production of a New Urban Marginality" (thesis) (Supervisor: Ebru Ustundag; Supervisory Committee Members: Felipe Ruan, David Butz)

Victoria Tasker (2011) "Application of Geomatics Technologies to Characterize Spatial Variability at Stratus Vineyards" (thesis) (Supervisor: Marilyne Jollineau; Supervisory Committee Members: Chris Fullerton, Andy Reynolds)

Kayla Rell (2011) "New Urbanism and Smart Growth Ideas: Critical Evaluation and Assessment of Niagara Region Residential Communities." (major research paper) (Supervisor: Chris Fullerton; Second Reader: Ebru Ustundag)

Lisa Combe (2011) "Gendering the Economic Geography of Real Estate Investing in Niagara, Ontario." (major research paper) (Supervisor: Dragos Simandan; Second Reader: Jeff Boggs)

Raphael Atanga (2011) "Tourism and Sustainable Development in Ghana: A Case Study of the Paga Crocodile Ponds." (major research paper) (Supervisor: David Butz; Second Reader: Chris Fullerton)

Katie Hemsworth (2010) "Personal Soundtracks on Public Transit: Personal Listening Devices and the Socio-Spatial Negotiations of Students’ Bus Journeys." (thesis) (Supervisor: David Butz; Supervisory Committee Member: Mike Ripmeester)

Ayure-Inaga Mark Anthony Agana (2010) "Sustainability and the Management of Common-Pool Resources: The Case of Irrigation Farming in the Upper East Region of Ghana." (major research paper) (Supervisor: Chris Fullerton; Second Reader: Ebru Ustundag)

Anokye Owusu Kwarteng (2010) "Race and Ethnic Relations in Canada: The Case of Visible Minority Immigrants’ Socioeconomic Outcomes." (major research paper) (Supervisor: Jeff Boggs; Second Reader: Kevin Gosine)

Kirby Calvert (2009) "Scales, Networking and Uncertainty: An Examination of Environmental Policy-making in Ontario." (thesis) (Supervisor: Dragos Simandan; Second Reader: Hugh Gayler)


Katie Hemsworth