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Student and Alumni Testimonials

Mert Coskan
MA in Geography, Brock University, 2013; currently PhD student at Carleton University
"I enjoyed the intellectual engagement and close attention from  faculty members in the Geography Department at Brock University. I  gained invaluable theoretical, methodological, and geographical  understandings, which prepared me well for my doctoral studies."

Micheal Boateng
BA (Honours), Geography and Rural Development, Ghana
"the privilege of working with a willing and devoted academic supervisor who provides direction on how I can advance my research interest."

Oscar Asiedu Kuffour
BA (Honours), Geography and Resource Development, University of Ghana
"I intend to study the often conflicting and complementing role of the central government and decentralized bodies towards disasters in Ghana and its challenges on disaster management. I find the MA program at Brock University invaluable in helping me achieve this objective."

Heather Whipple
BA English, Swarthmore College; MA English, MLS, Indiana University
"I'll be researching how living in outer space is represented and imagined in popular discourse, mostly by and for those of us who will never go there."

Rick Epp
B.A. (Honours), Human Geography, Brock University
"The diverse sub-disciplinary backgrounds of the devoted faculty promote a wide-range of possibilities to take one’s own research."

Tanisha Minson
BA (Honours) Dramatic Arts, Brock University
"I look forward to continuing my research and broadening my skills within the Geography MA program. The expansion of my knowledge base and the development of new skills have been very beneficial and extremely rewarding."

David Szymanski
B.A. (Honours), Human Geography, Brock University
"The department has such an impressive scope of expertise, which is necessary for providing a comprehensive graduate program."

Lisa Arblaster
BS (Honours), Physical Geography, Brock University
"I find the MA program in Geography to be very helpful in merging the physical and human aspects of my research topic."

Tomasz Wierzba
BA (Honours) Geography, Brock University
"The Geography Department at Brock provides me with an intellectually supportive and inclusive environment where I feel I can achieve my personal, academic and career goals."

Paul Russumanno
B.A. (Honours) Geography, Brock University
"Brock I developed diverse insights into the relationships between humans and the spaces we occupy and move through. I am applying these insights in my MA research, which examines the implications of ‘creative’ urban renewal in the city of Hamilton, Ontario."

Sara Epp
B.A. (Honours) Geography, Brock University
"As a rural Niagara resident, studying rural geography and community development as they relate to the Niagara Region during my undergrad motivated me to continue studying geography and join the MA program."

Kerrie Pickering
B.Sc. (Honours) Environment, Brock University
"My MA research is identifying present and potential future adaptations to climate change in the Ontario wine industry through a social-ecological lens."

Warren Jenkinson
B.A. (Honours) Human Geography, Brock University
"I have worked as a Research Assistant, Teaching Assistant, and I’ve even played some house league sports here. It was an important decision to come to Brock, and I think a smart one to do my Masters here."

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Oscar Asiedu Kuffour (2014) Oscar has been accepted into the PhD program in geography at Queen's University, Kingston.

Pushpa Hamal (2014) Pushpa has been accepted into the PhD program of OISE, University of Toronto.

Mert Coskan (2013) Mert has been accepted into the PhD program in geography at Carleton University.

Heather Whipple (2013) Heather now works as Librarian at Brock University.

Sara Epp (2013) Sara has been accepted into the PhD program in rural studies at the University of Guelph.

Kirby Calvert (2009) Kirby went on and did his PhD at Queen’s University (2009-2013) and works now as tenure-track assistant professor of energy policy in the Geography Department of Pennsyslvania State University (one of US’ top 10 geography departments).

Natalie Currie (2012) Natalie has been accepted into the PhD program in the Faculty of Education at the University of Western Ontario.

Pius Siakwah (2012) Pius is now doing his PhD at University College, Dublin, Ireland.

Lisa Combe (2011) Lisa is the recipient of Brock’s Distinguished Graduate Student Award. Lisa is now a successful real-estate entrepreneur in the Niagara Region.

Victoria Tasker (2011) Vicky is doing her PhD in Geomatics at Ryerson University, Toronto.

Raphael Atanga (2011) Raphael is doing his PhD in Germany.

Katie Hemsworth (2010) Katie is doing her PhD at Queen’s University.

Ayure-Inaga Mark Anthony Agana (2010). Mark is doing his PhD at the University of Akron, USA.