Hugh Gayler

Department of Geography

Hugh Gayler

Professor Emeritus
Department of Geography 
Room C - 312A
Brock University 
phone: 905-688-5550, ext. 3488 
Fax: 905-688-6369



Urban Geography / Urban Planning



B.A. (Leicester), M.A. (London School of Economics), Ph.D. (British Columbia).


Research Interests

  • Urbanization and Agricultural Land Preservation
  • Planning Issues on the Rural-Urban Fringe
  • Downtown Revitalization


Selected Publications

Gayler, Hugh J. 2010. Ontario's Greenbelt and Places to Grow Legislation and the Future for the Countryside and the Rural Economy, in Halseth, G., Markey, S. and Bruce, D. eds. The Next Rural Economies: Constructing Rural Place in Global Economies. Wallingford, UK: CABI Publishing, 75-88.


Gayler, Hugh J. 2005.  Stemming the urban tide: policy and attitudinal changes for saving the Canadian countryside,  in Gilg, A., Yarwood, R., Essex, S., Smithers, J. and Wilson, R. eds.  Rural Change and Sustainability: Agriculture, the Environment and Communities.  Wallingford, UK: CABI Publishing, 151-168.


Gayler, Hugh J. 2004. The Niagara Fruit Belt: Planning Conflicts in the Preservation of a National Resource, in Lapping, M.B. and Furuseth, O.J. eds. Big Places, Big Plans.  Aldershot, UK: Ashgate, 55-82.


Gayler, Hugh J. 2003. Agritourism Developments in the Rural-Urban Fringe: the Challenges of Land-Use and Policy Planning in the Niagara Region,  in Beesley, K., Millward, H., Ilbery B. and Harrington. L. eds. The New Countryside: Geographic Perspectives on Rural Change. Brandon and Halifax: Brandon University Rural Development Institute and St. Mary's University, 179-196.

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