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Faculty and Staff in Geography

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Faculty and their Current Research Interests


Jeff Boggs
Associate Professor
Room: C-328, Extension: 4975
E-mail:  Jeff.Boggs@brocku.ca

- Economic geography and heterodox political economy
- Locational dynamics of media and other cultural industries
- Regional political economy
- Economic development in second-tier cities and deindustrialized regions
- Niagara's changing economy
- Regional foci: North America, European Union (especially Germany and Mitteleuropa)


David Butz
Room: C-315, Extension: 3205
E-mail: dbutz@brocku.ca

- Social and cultural geography
- Qualitative research design
- Community level social organisation in northern Pakistan
- Road construction and social change in the global south
- Transport labour in the Karakoram/Hindu-Kush/Himalaya
- Reggae music and spatiality


Daryl Dagesse
Associate Professor
Room: C-320, Extension: 4071
E-mail: ddagesse@brocku.ca

- Soil aggregate stability under freezing conditions
- Thermodynamics of freezing
- Freeze/Thaw weathering of rock
- Glacial landforms of the Peterborough area


Christopher Fullerton
Associate Professor and Chair
Room: C-319, Extension: 3487
E-mail: Chris.Fullerton@brocku.ca

- Planning history of Ottawa
- Public transit planning and policy
- Rural community development
- Universal transit pass programs at post-secondary institutions


Hugh Gayler
Professor Emeritus
Room: C-312A, Extension: 3488
E-mail: hjgayler@brocku.ca

- Planning issues on the rural-urban fringe
- Smart growth
- Urbanisation and agricultural land preservation


Alun Hughes (1942-2013)
Associate Professor
- Early surveys and settlement of the Niagara Peninsula
- Historical geography of Thorold and neighbouring townships
- History of Brock University campus


Marilyne Jollineau
Associate Professor
Room: C-325, Extension: 4556
E-mail: mjollineau@brocku.ca

- Remote sensing of wetland ecosystems
- Water resources management
- Geomatics approaches to vineyard management
- Hyperspectral image-analysis techniques
- Land-use/land-cover mapping and monitoring


Phillip Gordon Mackintosh (on sabbatical January 1 to June 30, 2016)
Associate Professor
Room: C-321, Extension: 5221
E-mail: pmackintosh@brocku.ca 

- Urban historical geography
- Victorian, Edwardian, and Interwar urban reform, city and park planning history
- Cultural geography, cultural history, and public space (including bicycling)
- Political economy and urban geography


John Menzies
Room: D-421, Extension: 3865
E-mail: jmenzies@brocku.ca 

- Drumlins and associated bedforms
- Glacial micromorphology
- Subglacial sediments


Catherine Jean Nash
Room: C-317, Extension: 3238
E-mail:  Catherine.Nash@brocku.ca

- Social and cultural geographies
- Urban planning and development
- Digitial cities, cyberspace, and mobilities


Michael Pisaric
Associate Professor
Room: C-318, Extension: 6152
E-mail: mpisaric@brocku.ca

- Climate change
- Dendrochronology
- Paleolimnology
- Arctic ecosystems
- Landscape evolution


Mike Ripmeester
Room: C-331, Extension: 4416
E-mail: Michael.Ripmeester@brocku.ca

- Geographies of popular memory
- Geography and ethnohistory
- Historical and cultural geography
- Historical geographies of First Nations in Ontario


Anthony Shaw
Room: C-326, Extension: 3866
E-mail: tshaw@brocku.ca 

- Detection and prediction of road surface icing conditions
- Microclimate analysis for specialty crops
- Thermal and moisture behaviour of stud wall vs structural insulated panel
- Wind machine for freeze protection
- Wind resource assessment for wind power
- Wine terroir and sub-appellations


Dragos Simandan
Room: C-327, Extension: 5010
E-mail:  simandan@brocku.ca

- Intelligence and Wisdom in Human Affairs
- Social Theory & Philosophy of the Social Sciences
- Geographical Reasoning
- Economic, Resource, and Environmental Geographies
- The Interface between Geography and Psychology


Kevin Turner
Assistant Professor
Room: C-330, Extension: 5399
E-mail: kturner2@brocku.ca

- Response of northern lake-rich landscapes to climate change
- Hydrology
- GIS, spatial analysis, and remote sensing
- Water isotope tracer techniques
- Paleolimnological reconstruction of past lake conditions
- Linkages among lakes, rivers, land cover, and climate

Ebru Ustundag
Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director
Room: C-314, Extension: 4417
E-mail:  eustundag@brocku.ca

- Urban Geography
- Citizenship Studies
- Feminist Geographies
- Geographies of Sex-Work
- Emotional/Affective Geographies
- Geographies of Health and Addiction


Adjunct Faculty

Mary Thornbush
Adjunct Professor
Room: C-329, Extension: 5891
E-mail:  mthornbush@brocku.ca

Jayson Childs
Adjunct Professor
Room: C-329, Extension: 5891
E-mail: jchilds@brocku.ca


Part-Time Instructors

James McLean
Room: C-324, Extension: 3514
E-mail:  jmclean@brocku.ca

John Saunders
Room: C-324, Extension: 3514
E-mail:  jsaunders@brocku.ca

Mariane Ferencevic
Room: C-324, Extension: 3514
E-mail:  mferencevic@brocku.ca

Nalini Mohabir
Room: C-324, Extension: 3514
E-mail: nmohabir@brocku.ca

Heather Maguire
E-mail:  hmaguire@brocku.ca


Banting Post Doctoral Fellow

Patrick Brouder
Room: C-329, Extension: 5891
E-mail: pbrouder@brocku.ca



Virginia Wagg - Administrative Coordinator and Academic Advisor - Graduate and Undergraduate Program
Room: C-322, Extension: 3484
E-mail: vwagg@brocku.ca


Loris Gasparotto - Cartographer
Room: C-313, Extension: 3491
E-mail: lgasparotto@brocku.ca


Dimitre Iankoulov - Microcomputer Support Analyst  /Technician
Room: C-312, Extension: 3485
E-mail: djankoul@brocku.ca


Colleen Beard - Head, Map, Data and GIS Library
Phone: 905-688-5550, Extension 3468
E-mail: cbeard@brocku.ca
Location: Map Library, Mackenzie Chown, C-Block, Room 306


Sharon Janzen - Map Library Associate/Geospatial Data Coordinator
Phone: 905-688-5550, Extension 5890
E-mail: sjanzen@brocku.ca
Location: Map Library, Mackenzie Chown, C-Block, Room 306


 Faculty and Staff