Program Requirements

Department of Economics

Program Requirements

Candidates are required to complete ECON 5P01 Microeconomic Theory, ECON 5P02 Macroeconomic Theory, ECON 5P03 Econometrics, ECON 5P04 Topics in Applied Economics, one additional Economics half-course, three Business courses (chosen from the Business courses listed below), and ECON 5F00 Research Essay, together with satisfactory completion of ECON 5N90 Internship Training and Development and ECON 5N01 Internship Placement I and ECON 5N02 Internship Placement II. Incoming students will take ECON 5N11 Mathematics and Statistics Review for Economists in August before the start of Fall Term classes.

The normal pattern of courses is:

August prior to Fall Term: ECON 5N11

Fall Term: ECON 5P01, 5P02, 5P03, 0.5 credit Business 
Winter Term: ECON 5P04, 0.5 credit ECON, 1 credit Business, ECON 5N90
Spring/Summer Term: Internship Placement I
Fall Term: Internship Placement II
Winter Term: ECON 5F00 Research Essay

The Business courses are to be selected from among the following, a selection of which will be offered each year (see MBA Program for course descriptions):

MBAB 5P01 Accounting for Decision-Making I
MBAB 5P05 Marketing Management
MBAB 5P06 Accounting for Decision-Making II
MBAB 5P07 Operations Management
MBAB 5P08 Financial Management
MBAB 5P20 Applied Basic Research
MBAB 5P22 Global Business
MBAB 5P24 Business Law
MBAB 5P41 Financial Statement Analysis
MBAB 5P42 Equity Investments, Markets, and Instruments
MBAB 5P43 Debt Investments
MBAB 5P44 Derivative Instruments
MBAB 5P45 International Finance
MBAB 5P46 Portfolio Management and Alternative Investments

Any student who has not previously taken an Accounting course must take MBAB 5P01 Accounting for Decision-Making I as one of her or his Business courses. Any student who has not previously taken a Finance course must take at least one Finance course among her or his Business courses.