Zisimos Koustas

Department of Economics

Zisimos Koustas

Professor of Economics

Office Location on Campus: Plaza Building Room 437

Email: zisimos.koustas@brocku.ca

Phone: 905-688-5550 ext., 3326

Personal Website: http://spartan.ac.brocku.ca/~zkoustas/

Ph.D. Queen's University at Kingston 1986

Areas of Interest

  • The Fisher Effect, Monetary Neutrality
  • Asset-Price Bubbles

Selected Research

  • "Evidence of Nonlinear Mean Reversion in the Real Interest Rate", Forthcoming in Applied Economics, with J. F. Lamarche.
  • "Rational Bubbles or Persistent Deviations from Market Fundamentals?", Journal of Banking and Finance, 2005, 29, 2523-2539, with A. Serletis.
  • "On the Fisher Effect", Journal of Monetary Economics, 1999, 44, 105-130, with A. Serletis.
  • "Canadian Evidence on Long-Run Neutrality Propositions", Journal of Macro- economics, 1998, 20, 2, 397-411.
  • "International Evidence on the Neutrality of Money", Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking, 1998, 30, 1, 1-25, with A. Serletis.
Zisimos Koustas