Steven Renzetti

Department of Economics

Steven Renzetti

Professor of Economics

Member of the Brock Environmental Sustainability Research Centre

Office Location on Campus: Plaza Building Room 445


Phone: 905-688-5550 ext., 3121

Research Website: Water Economics, Policy and Governance Network

B.A. (Hons) University of Toronto, (Economics and Environmental Studies) 1982
M.A. University of British Columbia (Economics) 1983
Ph.D. University of British Columbia (Economics) 1990

Areas of Interest
Applied Microeconomics, Environmental Economics, Water Resources

Associate Editor, Water Resources Research
Member of Council of Canadian Academies' Expert Panel on Groundwater (2007-2008)
Member of International Joint Commission's International Lake Ontario St Lawrence River Study Board (2002-2007)

Full CV

Selected Research

  • D. Dupont and S. Renzetti (2013) “Household behaviour related to water conservation” Water Resources and Economics 4(1): 22–37. 
  • S. Renzetti (2012) “Non-household water demand: industrial and commercial sectors” in R. Q. Grafton, K. Daniell, C. Nauges, J.Rinaudo, M. Ward and W. Chan eds. Understanding and Managing Urban Water in Transition Springer Publishing.
  • J. Bruneau, S. Renzetti and M. Villeneuve (2010) “Analysis of the factors influencing water recirculation decisions by Canadian manufacturing firms” Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics 58(4):515–530.
  • J. Bruneau and S. Renzetti (2009) "Water Use and the Composition of Production in Canada" Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management 136(1): 72-79.
  • J. Bruneau and S. Renzetti (2009) "GHG intensity in Canada: A look at historical trends" Canadian Public Policy, 35(1): 1-20.
  • S. Renzetti (2009) "Wave of the Future: The Case for Smarter Water Pricing" C.D. Howe Institute Commentary 281, Toronto.
  • S. Renzetti and D. Dupont (2009) "Measuring the Technical Efficiency of Municipal Water Suppliers: the Role of Environmental Factors" Land Economics 85(4): 627-636.
  • S. Renzetti (2007) "Are the Prices Right? Balancing Efficiency, Equity, and Sustainability in Water Pricing" in K. Bakker, ed. Eau Canada: The Future of Canada's Water, Vancouver: UBC Press, pp. 263-279.
  • A. Reynaud, S. Renzetti, and M. Villeneuve (2005) "Pricing structure choices and residential water demand in Canada" Water Resources Research, 41(11).
  • S. Renzetti (2002) The Economics of Water Demands, Kluwer Academic Press, Norwell, Massachusetts.
  • D. Dupont and S. Renzetti (2001) "The Role of Water in Manufacturing" Environmental and Resource Economics 18(4): 411-432.


Steven Renzetti