Diane P. Dupont

Department of Economics

Diane P. Dupont

Professor of Economics

Associate Dean, Graduate Studies and Research, Faculty of Social Sciences

Office Location on Campus: Plaza Building Room 441

Email: diane.dupont@brocku.ca

Phone: 905-688-5550 ext 3129

Research Website: Canadian Water Economics

Ph.D. (Economics), The University of British Columbia, 1988
Fields: Environmental and Natural Resources and Public Finance

Areas of Research Interest:
Non-market valuation, Environmental Economics, Fisheries Economics


Brock University Distinguished Research and Creative Activity Award, 2012

Chancellor's Chair for Research Excellence, Brock University, 2006-2009 

Editorial Experience:

Associate Editor, Water Resources & Economics, 2012-
Associate Editor, Canadian Water Resources Journal, 2011-

Associate Editor, Water Resources Research, 2011-
Associate Editor, Society and Natural Resources, 2010-2013 
Associate Editor, Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, 2007-2010. 

Board Experience:

Member, North American Association of Fisheries Economists, 2011-2015
Elected Researcher Member, Canadian Water Network Board of Directors, 2010-2012 
Member, North American Association of Fisheries Economists, 2003-2007
Member and Chair (2008-2009) of the Scientific Advisory Committee for the Worldfish Centre, Penang, Malaysia, 2007-2009.

Full CV

Selected Research

  • Baird, J., Plummer, R., Dupont, D., and Carter, B. 2015 “Perceptions of Water Quality in First Nations Communities: Exploring the Role of Context”. Nature and Culture. 10(2): 225-249.
  • Renzetti, S., Dupont, D. and Chitsinde, T. 2015 “An Empirical Examination of the Distributional Impacts of Water Pricing Reforms”. Utilities Policy. 34:63-69.  
  • Renzetti, S., Brandes, O., Dupont, D., MacIntyre-Morris, T., and Stinchcombe, K., 2015 “Using Demand Elasticity as an Alternative Approach to Modelling Future Community Water Demand under a Conservation Oriented Pricing System: An Exploratory Investigation”. Canadian Water Resources Journal. 40(1): 62-70. 
  • Dupont, D., Waldner, C., Bharadwaj, L., Plummer, R., Carter, B., Cave, K., Zagozewski, R. 2014 “Drinking Water Management: Health Risk Perceptions and Choices in First Nation and non-First Nations Communities in Canada”. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 11(6):5889-5903. 
  • Renzetti, S. and Dupont, D.P.  2013 “Household behaviour related to water conservation” Water Resources & Economics. 4:22-3.
  • Zhang, J., Adamowicz, W., Dupont, D.P. and Krupnick, A. 2013. “Assessing the Extent of Altruism in the Valuation of Community Drinking Water Quality Improvements” Water Resources Research.
  • Bruneau, J., Dupont, D.P. and Renzetti, S. 2013. “Economic Instruments, Innovation and Efficient Water Use” Canadian Public Policy.
  • Dupont, D. P. 2013 “Water Use Restrictions Or Wastewater Recycling? A Canadian Willingness To Pay Study For Reclaimed Wastewater” Water Resources & Economics. 1(1): 61-74.
  • Dupont, D.P.  and Bateman, I. J. 2012 "Political Affiliation And Willingness To Pay: An Examination of the Nature of Benefits and Means of Provision" Ecological Economics. 75:43-51. 
  • Day, B., Bateman, I., Carson, R. Dupont, D.P., Louviere, J., Morimoto, S., Scarpa, R., and Wang, P. 2012.“Order Effects and Choice Set Awareness in Repeat-Response Stated Preference Studies”. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management. 63:73-91. 
  • Adamowicz, W., Dupont, D.P., Krupnick, A., and Zhang, J. 2011. “Valuation of Cancer and Microbial Disease Risk Reductions in Municipal Drinking Water: An Analysis of Risk Context Using Multiple Valuation Methods” Journal of Environmental Economics and Management. 61(2):213-226.
  • Bateman, I.J., Day, B.H., Dupont, D. P. and Georgiou, S. 2009 "Procedural invariance testing of the one-and-one-half-bound dichotomous choice elicitation method" The Review of Economics and Statistics. 91(4): 806-820.
    Renzetti, S. and Dupont, D.P. 2009. "Measuring the Technical Efficiency of Municipal Water Suppliers: the Role of Environmental Factors" Land Economics. 85(4): 627-636. 
Diane P Dupont