Undergraduate Programs

Department of Communication, Popular Culture and Film

Undergraduate Programs

Business Communication
Business Communication is an interdisciplinary program combining the study of communication with the study of some aspects of business. The program aims to equip the student with a sound theoretical basis for analysing and practicing communication within the business environment.

Media and Communication Studies
Media and Communication Studies is an interdisciplinary program that focuses on the impact of media and communication in the creation of meaning, identity, and social change, emphasizing the study of media content, audiences, and institutions in their political, economic, and social contexts in Canada and elsewhere.

Popular Culture
A series of critical and historical courses which examines popular culture and its relation to folk, mass and high culture. Studied in its wide variety of forms including film, television, literature, music and advertising and their economic, political and historical contexts.

Film Studies
A sequence of critical and historical courses which examines a variety of approaches to film. The courses explore the nature of film language and develop an analytical perspective on film as both an art and a medium. There is opportunity to engage in video production.

Other opportunities to study in CPCF

The Department also offers Minor Programs, College Articulation Programs, and a Concentration in Digital Culture, as follows.

  • A minor in Popular Culture, Digital Culture, or Media Studies may be combined with any major outside the department.
  • College Articulation Programs include Emergency Management, Policing & Criminal Justice, Public Relations, Advanced Filmmaking, Digital Post-Production, and Broadcast Journalism & Television News.
  • An area of specialization within a Bachelor of Arts degree, the Concentration in Digital Culture is available to Business Communication majors, Media and Communication Studies majors, and Popular Culture majors.
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