Jackie Botterill, Associate Professor

Faculty of Social Sciences

Jackie Botterill, Associate Professor

Office: SBH 332A
Extension: 5364; Email: jbotterill@brocku.ca

I'm interested in supervising projects in the area(s) of contemporary advertising, branding, food cultures, and consumer culture.

PhD, University of East London
MA, Simon Fraser University
BA, Simon Fraser University

Research Interests:
Cultural economy
Consumer culture
Advertising and promotion
Status, class, identity and marketplace politics
Consumerism and lifestyle

Teaching Areas:
Communication Theory
Advertising in Context
Cultures of Consumption
Mass Culture

Selected Publications:

Botterill, Jacqueline (forthcoming, 2011) 'Property Porn or Monopoly Play: A Visual Analysis of Contemporary Real-estate Advertising'. In Matt McAllister and Emily West (eds.) Advertising and Promotional Culture, New York: Routledge.

Botterill, Jacqueline & Stephen Kline (2011) 'From counting calories to fun food: regulating the TV diet in the age of obesity', in Jonathan Finn (ed.) Images in Action:  Readings in Visual Communication and Culture, Oxford University Press, Canada.

Botterill, Jacqueline (2010) Consumer Culture & Personal Finance: Money Goes to Market. Palgrave MacMillian.

Botterill, Jacqueline (2009) 'The Privileged Discourse:  Advertising as an Interpretive Key of the Consumer Culture'. In Richard Howells and Robert W. Matson (eds.), Using Visual Evidence, London: Open University Press.

Botterill, Jacqueline (2007) ‘Artists, Cowboys and Outlaws: Enticements of Authenticity in Contemporary Jean and Sneaker Advertisements’, Journal of Consumer Culture Vol. 7, No. 1.

Botterill, Jacqueline (2005) Social Communication in Advertising, 3rd Edition, Routledge: New York. Previous editions by Leiss, William, Stephen Kline, Sut Jhally.

Botterill Jacqueline and Kline, Stephen (2007) ‘From McLibel to McLettus: Marketplace Irrationalities And Public Relations In The Age Of Risk’, Business & Society Vol. 46, No. 2.

Jackie Botterill