Dale Bradley, Assistant Professor

Faculty of Social Sciences

Dale Bradley, Assistant Professor

Office: SBH 322
Extension: 3180; Email: dbradley@brocku.ca

Ph.D. Social & Political Thought. York University
M.A. Sociology. Queen's University at Kingston
B.A.H. Film Studies. Queen's University at Kingston

Research Interests:
Popular Representation of Cyberculture
Political Discourse of the Open Source Software Movement
Impact of Information & Communication Technologies on Office Culture and Workspaces

Teaching Areas:
Technology and Culture
Social History of Information Technology

Selected Publications:
(2007) “From Wooton to Workstation:  Mechanisms of the Visible in Office Spaces.”  Journal of Cultural Research. Vol 11, No 4

(2006) "The Return of the Repressed: Cybersubjectivity in ROBOCOP." Invisible Culture. Issue 10: The Symptom. Spring 2006.

(2006) "Scenes of Transmission: Youth Culture, MP3 File Sharing, and Transferable Strategies of Cultural Practice." M/C: A Journal of Media and Culture.

(2005) "Anarcho-utopianism and the Open Source Software Movement." Canadian Journal of Communication. 30(4): 585-612.

(2004) "Dimensions Vary: Technology, Space, & Power in the 20th Century Office." Topia. 11(Spring): 67-82

(2004) "Open Source, Anarchy, and the Utopian Impulse." M/C: A Journal of Media and Culture.

Dale Bradley