Bohdan Nebesio, Associate Professor

Faculty of Social Sciences

Bohdan Nebesio, Associate Professor

Office: SBH 334
Extension: 5211; Email:

I'm interested in supervising projects in the areas of film history, cognitive approaches to the moving image, narratology, popular and folk cultures of Eastern Europe, and Slavic cultures and beliefs.

Ph.D. University of Alberta
M.A. University of Toronto
B.A. University of Toronto

Research Interests:

Film History
History of Film Theory
Silent Cinema of the 1920s
Cognitive Approaches to Film Studies
Cinemas of Eastern Europe (Ukraine)
Alexander Dovzhenko

Teaching Areas:
Film History
Hollywood Cinema
Classical Film Theory
Conventions of Film Realism
Montage Tradition in Soviet Cinema
National Cinemas

Selected Publications:

Nebesio, Bohdan Y., Kohut Zenon E. Yurkevich, Myroslav, and Ivan Katchanovski. Historical Dictionary of Ukraine. 2nd Revised Edition. Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press, 2013. 914 pp.

The A to Z of Ukraine. Co-authored with Zenon E. Kohut and Myroslav Yurkevich, Lanhan, MD: Scarecrow Press, 2010.

Alexander Dovzhenko: A Guide to Published Sources. Edmonton: CIUS Press, 1995.

Editor: “The Cinema of Alexander Dovzhenko,” a special issue of the Journal of Ukrainian Studies 19.1 (1994).

"The First Five Years with no Plan: Building National Cinema in Ukraine, 1992-1997," Cinemas in Transition in Central and Eastern Europe after 1989. Eds. Catherine Portuges and Peter Hames, Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 2013. 197-229.

"Competition from Ukraine: VUFKU and the Soviet Film Industry in the 1920s," Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television 29.2 (2009): 159-180.

“A Compromise with Literature?: Making Sense of Intertitles in the Silent Films of Alexander Dovzhenko,” Canadian Review of Comparative Literature 23.3 (1996): 679-700.


"Panfuturists and the Ukrainian Film Culture of the 1920s," KinoKultura Special Issue No. 9: Ukrainian Cinema (December 2009)

“How to Account for Cinematic Experience,” Film-Philosophy 3.35 (August 1999)



Bohdan Nebesio