Rebecca Raby, Ph.D.

Faculty of Social Sciences - Child and Youth Studies

Rebecca Raby, Ph.D.

Chair and Associate Professor
CRN - 325
Phone (905) 688-5550, ext. 3172

My research draws on post-structural and critical theories to examine shifting constructions of childhood and adolescence, particularly how they are experienced by children and adolescents themselves and how they are intersected by gender, race, class and sexuality. I also theorize young people's resistance and rights. I have recently completed a SSHRC-funded investigation of secondary school dress and discipline codes: how the language they use produces certain assumptions about young people and ideal workers, how they are applied by staff, and how they are received and negotiated by students. My current SSHRC-funded study (with Shauna Pomerantz) school is entitled, "Smart Girls: Negotiating Academic Success in a 'Post-Feminist' Era and examines the intersections between gender and high academic achievment in high school.

As well as being a faculty member in CHYS, I am also a member of the MA Program in Social Justice and Equity Studies, and on the Faculty Steering Committee of the Social Justice Research Institute.

Research Interests

  • discourses of childhood and adolescence, their effects and contradictions
  • teenagers' experiences and perceptions of adolescence
  • gender, race, class and sexual orientation as they intersect in the lives of young people
  • theorizing resistance and rights
  • the discipline, governance and regulation of youth
  • gender and sexuality in childhood and youth
  • global childhoods
  • social inequality
  • qualitative methods

Recent Publications


Raby, R. (2012). School rules: obedience, discipline and elusive democracy. University of Toronto Press. 

Brock, D., R. Raby and M. Thomas (Eds.) (2012) Power and Everyday Practices. Nelson Education Ltd.


Book Chapters

Pomerantz, Shauna & Raby, Rebecca (forthcoming 2014). "The post-nerd: Reading smart girls in post-feminist popular culture." In Clare Bradford & Mavis Reimer (Eds.). Girls, Texts, Cultures. Waterloo, ON: Wilfred Laurier Press.

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Pomerantz, S. and R.Raby (Forthcoming) “Playing it Down or Playing it Up: The Pleasures and Hazards of Doing ‘Smart Girl’ in High School” British Journal of Sociology of Education.

Raby, R. (2014) “Children's participation as Neo-Liberal Governance?” Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education, 35(1), 77-89.

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Recent Presentations

Pomerantz, S and R. Raby (2013) “Looking Pretty/Being Smart: Girls’ Embodiment of Academic Success in the School” National Women’s Studies Association, Cincinnati, OH.

Raby, R.and S. Pomerantz (2013) “Complicating the Centre:  Negotiating Academic Success in Niagara Region High Schools” Francophone Sociology of Childhood: Sociology of Childhood Days Conference, Halifax.

Raby, R. and S. Pomerantz (2012) “Landscapes of academic success: Girls, location and the importance of school culture” Girlhood Studies and the Politics of Place: New Paradigms of Research Conference, Institute for Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies (IGSF), McGill University, Montreal.

Raby, R, S.Pomerantz and A. Stefanik.  (2012) “Playing it Up or Playing it Down?  The pleasures and hazards of doing ‘smart girl’ in high school” CASWE, Kitchener, ON

Pomerantz, S., R.Raby and A. Stefanik (2012) “Girls Run the World? Caught between sexism and post-feminism in the school” American Educational Research Association, Vancouver, B.C.

Raby, R. (2011) "Children's participation as middle class governance?" Canadian Sociology Association, Fredericton, NB

Pomerantz, S. and R. Raby (2011) "The 'New Nerd': Smart girls, post-feminism, and popular culture" CASWE, Fredericton, NB

Pomerantz, S. and R. Raby (2010) "The New Nerd: Girls resignifying academic success" at Reimagining Girlhood: Communities, Identities, Self-Portrayals, SUNY Cortland Women's Studies, Coutland NY.

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Dr. Rebecca Raby
Dr. Rebecca Raby


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