Information for Current Students

Centre for Applied Disability Studies

Information for Current Students

Graduating Students:
  If you are completing your degree and wish to graduate in June, please apply to graduate now!  You can apply online through your student self serve or you can download a form on the Faculty of Graduate Studies forms site. 

Attention all current students:
  Remember to register every term and check your Brock email frequently!  If you have questions regarding your courses, please contact the Department or speak to your instructor.

For a list of all important dates, please be sure to review the List of Important Dates on the Grad Studies website.
To view the course calendar, please visit Grad Studies.
MA Students:  Planning to defend soon?  Remember to speak to your Supervisor regarding the First Draft Form and your eligibility.  It must be submitted to the Office no later than April 15th, 2014.
BACB Approved Course Sequence - The ABA course sequence is designed to meet the new BACB task list (edition 4), pending BACB approval.  Questions regarding the BACB course sequence should be directed to Rosemary Condillac.


The Practicum (ADST 5P20) is completed by part-time M.ADS students after their 2nd year (usually Spring/Summer semester, which starts the 3rd year) and by full-time M.ADS students after their 1st year (usually Spring/Summer semester, which starts the 2nd year). The practicum involves 150 hours of hands-on experience in disabilities. ABA students must be doing ABA work in their practicum. In addition to the 150 hours (on-site), the practicum course includes class hours and assignments.

If you are working in the field of disabilities, then you may be able to complete the practicum hours as part of your normal work. For their practicum, ABA students must be doing ABA work (per 4th Edition Task List) under the supervision of a BCBA. Non-ABA work experience is not permitted to be used as a practicum placement. A student in an ABA placement with a supervisor who is not qualified, but who is approved by the clinical co-ordinator for CADS may complete the practicum requirements under a special written agreement stating that they would not be able to count those practicum hours towards their Supervised Field Experience for their BCBA application.

Note that ABA students can start earning BCBA experience hours (with qualified supervision) as soon as they start the Master's program. Please see BACB for information on obtaining approved experience hours. BCBA experience hours are independent of the practicum course, although students can continue to earn experience hours while completing the practicum course.