Course Schedule Information

Centre for Applied Disability Studies

Course Schedule Information

The following is a list of upcoming courses and schedules (when known). Cohorts indicate which programme these courses are intended for. If you do not see your Cohort listed, please contact the programme.  DO NOT register in courses that are not in your cohort.  You will be removed from the course and fees may apply. You must register only in the courses scheduled for your cohort unless given special permission from the programme.

In all instances, please consult the Course Calendar for your specific degree requirements.

The Official Timetable, Registration Guides and duration dates can be found here.

Understanding the Course Schedule - Please read this thoroughly before registering in courses. Incorrect registration can cause late fees and delay your graduation, amongst other things.  If uncertain, please contact the programme prior to registration.

Course Schedule FW 2015/16



Please Note: All students interested in taking the Dual Diagnosis Spring elective in St. Catharines  must contact the programme prior to registering online. This is an external event, it is imperative that you register properly.