MA Applied Linguistics (TESL) Bridged Entry Fees

Faculty of Humanities

MA Applied Linguistics (TESL) Bridged Entry Fees

The fees below are for the 14-month program and are in Canadian dollars. The Course fees cover the Bridging Program, Social Activities, Writing Mentoring, and Degree Program.

Course Fees $20,950 CND
PLUS ancillary fees

The course fees listed above do not cover books, accommodation & meals, health insurance, and other such expenses (estimated to be $10,000 extra and added to the above course fees). Please check the Office of International Services' file on Frequently Asked Questions for advice on accommodation, health insurance, etc.:

For information on the refund policy for the MA Applied Linguistics/TESL Bridged Entry Program, please see the Refund Policy page.

The Applied Linguistics - Bridged Entry program is not eligible for OSAP funding. For more information contact the Student Award and Financial Aid Office at