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Applied Linguistics (TESL)

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Program Description

Teaching English as a subsequent language (TESL) is a complex process, with a knowledge base combining such diverse areas of specialization as applied linguistics, language teaching methodology, curriculum design and testing. This MA program is designed to integrate all these important elements in an educational experience promoting a high level of expertise and professionalism. Faculty members teaching in the program possess a valuable range of attributes, including extensive international experience, hands-on proficiency in ESL teaching in Canada and abroad, capacity in a range of different languages beyond English, and topical research and scholarship published and presented around the world. Graduates of this dynamic program will be well prepared as TESL professionals practicing in Canada or abroad.

“While the program is intense and students find it challenging, they appreciate its breadth and depth.  They also appreciate the opportunity to study with classmates from around the world, both native and non-native speakers of English, some with several years of experience teaching ESL. Students have opportunities to study and work with faculty members who are themselves experienced ESL teachers and researchers.  Graduates leave ready for their next step and often with a network of friends that continues well beyond their graduate school experience.” – Hedy McGarrell, Graduate Program Director


One year Master of Arts program with Major Research Paper

Thesis based MA

Our unique Bridged Entry program is designed for students who would benefit from further assistance using academic English, providing hands-on, preparatory instruction plus one-on-one mentoring throughout the academic year.

All courses are designed to be interactive, up-to-date and pertinent in today’s workplace. Courses cover a broad range of topics to develop and challenge individual students’ knowledge base. There are also opportunities for students to participate in research


The Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics:

  1. combines practice and research (thus prepares for workplace and/or further studies)
  2. has strong links with ESL programs and professional associations (such as TESL Canada, TESL Ontario)
  3. is designed to be completed in 12 months (Direct Entry, with Major Research Project), 14 months (Bridged Entry, with Major Research Project) or 18 months (Direct Entry, with thesis).


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