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DALS Faculty & Staff

Thomas S. C. Farrell, PhD
Professor & Department Chair
MC-D450G, Ext. 3846

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Please visit Professor Farrell's webpage for more information: reflectiveinquiry.ca 


Books (Selected)
  • Farrell, T.S.C. (2014). Reflective Practice in ESL Teacher Development Groups: From Practices to Principles. Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave MacMillian
  • Farrell, T.S.C. (2013). Reflective Practice: Reawakening Your Passion for Teaching. Beijing, China: Foreign Language Teaching & Research Press.
  • Farrell, T.S.C. (2013). Reflective Teaching. Alexandria, Va, USA: TESOL International publications. English Language Teacher Development Series TESOL, USA TESOL ELTD Series
  • Farrell, T.S.C. (2013). Reflective Writing for Language Teachers. London, UK: Equinox.
  • Farrell, T.S.C. (2013). Reflecting on teaching the four skills: 60 strategies for professional development. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press.
  • Farrell, T.S.C. & Jacobs, G (2011). Essentials in Language Teaching. London: Continuum Press
  • J.C. Richards & T.S.C. Farrell (2011). Teaching Practice: A Reflective Approach. New York: Cambridge University Press.
  • Farrell, T.S.C. (2009). Talking, listening and teaching. A guide to classroom communication. Thousand Oaks, Ca: Corwin Press (Sage Publications).
  • Farrell, T.S.C. (2008). Teaching reading to English language learners: a reflective approach. Thousand Oaks, Ca: Corwin Press (Sage Publications).
  • Farrell. T.S.C. (Ed). (2008) Classroom management. Alexandria, VA: TESOL Publications.
  • Farrell, T.S.C. (Ed) (2008). Novice language teachers. London: Equinox.
  • Farrell, T.S.C. (2008). Reflective Language Teaching: From Research to Practice. London: Continuum Press.
  • Farrell, T.S.C. (2006). Succeeding with English language learners: A guide for beginning teachers. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press (Sage Publications)
  • Farrell, T.S.C (co-authored with Jack C Richards) (2005) Professional Development for Language Teachers. New York: Cambridge University Press.
  • Farrell, T.S.C. (2004) Reflective Practice in Action: 80 Reflection Breaks for Busy Teachers. Corwin Press (Sage Publications): Thousand Oaks, CA (USA).
Chapters in Books (Selected)
  • Farrell, T.S.C. & Tomeson-Filion, B. (2013). Teacher beliefs and classroom practices: A case study of an ESL teacher in Canada. In Ben Said, S. & Zhang, J. L. (EDS.), Language Teachers and Teaching: Global Perspectives, Local Initiatives (PP 169-184). Routledge Taylor & Francis
  • Li, J. & Farrell, T.S.C. (2012). Think Aloud. In R. Barnard & Burns. A. (Eds.), Language teacher cognition and practice: International case studies to illuminate methodological issues. Bristol: Multilingual Matters.
  • Farrell. T.S.C (2012). Reflective practice for language teachers. Plenary address, IATEFL, Brighton. In Tania Pattison (Ed). IATEFL Brighton Conference Selections. Canterbury: IATEFL.
  • Farrell, T.S.C. (2012). Reflective practice as professional development. In Christine Coombe, Liz England & John Schmidt (Eds). Reigniting, Retooling and Retiring in English Language Teaching East Lancing, US: University of Michigan Press.
  • Farrell,T.S.C. (2010). Professional development through reflective practice IN and FOR action. In G. Park, H. P. Widodo, & A. Cirocki (Eds.), Observation of teaching: Bridging theory and practice through research on teaching (pp. 37-47). Munich: LINCOM EUROPA.
  • Farrell, T.S.C. (2009). The Novice Teacher. In A. Burns, and J.Richards (Eds.), The Cambridge Guide to Language Teacher Education. New York: Cambridge University Press.
  • Farrell, T.S.C. (2008). Shaping the learning environment. In T.S.C. Farrell (Ed) (2008). Classroom management (pp. 1-6) Alexandria, VA: TESOL Publications.
  • Farrell, T.S.C. (2008). Insights and perspectives for the first year of language teaching. In T.S.C. Farrell (Ed) (2008). Novice language teachers (pp. 1-11). London: Equinox
  • Farrell, T.S.C. (2008). Learning to Teach Language in the First Year: A Singapore Case Study. In T.S.C. Farrell (Ed) (2008). Novice language teachers (pp. 43-56). London: Equinox
  • Farrell, T.S.C. (2008). Teaching journals to promote reflective practice. In M. Kabilan, & M. Vethamani (Eds.), Qualitative studies on English language .development (pp. 75-87). Kuala Lumpar: Sasbad
  • Farrell, T.S.C. (2007). Learning to teach: the role of language teacher education. In G. Poedjosoedarmo, (Ed.), Teacher Education in Language Teaching (pp.2-7). RELC Anthology Series 48. Singapore: SEAMEO Regional Language Centre.
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  • Farrell, T.S.C. & Lee F.T. (2003). Students’ Perceptions of Grammar Corrections in Compositions: A Singapore Study. InD.Deterding, Brown A & Low E. L. (Eds.) English in Singapore: Research on Grammar Singapore (pp.138-144). Singapore: McGraw Hill.
  • Farrell, T.S.C. (2002). “Lesson Planning.” In J. C. Richards & W. A. Renandya (Eds.), Methodology in language teaching: An anthology of current practice (pp. 30-39). New York: Cambridge University Press.


Academic Journals (Selected)

  • Farrell, T.S.C. (forthcoming). ‘I feel like I’ve plateaued professionally … gone a little stale’: mid-career reflections in a teacher discussion group. Reflective Practice.
  • Farrell, T.S.C. (2013) Reflecting on ESL Teacher Expertise, System, 41, 4: 1070-1082.
  • Farrell, T.S.C. & Bennis, K. (2013). Reflecting on ESL Teacher Beliefs and Classroom Practices: A Case Study. RELC Journal, 44: 163-176
  • Farrell, T.S.C. (2013). Teacher self-awareness through journal writing. Reflective Practice, 14, 4, 465-471.
  • Farrell, T.S.C. (2013). Critical incident analysis through narrative reflective practice: a case study. Iranian Journal of Language Teaching Research 1(1), 79-89.
  • Farrell T.S.C. (2012). Novice-Service Language Teacher Development: Bridging the Gap Between Preservice and In-Service Education and Development TESOL Quarterly, 46, 3, 435-449.
  • Farrell, T.S.C. (2012). Exploring the professional role identities of novice ESL teachers through reflective practice. The European Journal of Applied Linguistics and TESOL, 1,1: 2-14.
  • Farrell, T.S.C. (2012). Reflecting on reflective practice: (re)visiting Dewey and Schon. TESOL Journal, 3, 7-16
  • Farrell, T.S.C. (2011). Keeping SCORE: Classroom observations as reflective practice. RELC Journal, 42, 265-272.
  • Farrell, T.S.C. (2011). Exploring the professional role identities of experienced ESL teachers through reflective practice. System, 66, 1-9.
  • Renandaya, W. & Farrell, T.S.C. (2011). ‘Teacher the tape is too fast’: Extensive listening. ELT Journal, 65 (1): 52-59.
  • Farrell, T.S.C. (2009). Critical reflection in a TESL course: mapping conceptual change. ELT Journal, 63, 3, 221-229.
  • Farrell, T.S.C., (2008). Reflective practice in the professional development of teachers of adult English language learners. Washington, DC: Center for Applied Linguistics.
  • Farrell, T.S.C. & Tan, S. (2008). Language Policy, Language Teachers’ Beliefs and Classroom Practices. Applied Linguistics, 29, (3), 381-403
  • Farrell, T.S.C. (2008). “Here’s the book, go teach the class”: ELT Practicum Support. RELC Journal, 39(2), 226-241.
  • Farrell, T.S.C. (2008). Critical Incidents in ELT Initial Teacher Training. ELT Journal, 62,(1), 3-10.
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