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Recent Publications and Presentations

  • Morrissey, K., & Sivell, J. (forthcoming, 2015). A year of slow: One teacher’s implementation of ‘Back to the well’. Contact [quite possibly 41(1)].
  • Sivell, L. (2015). Reframing student plagiarism: Insight, fairness, and instructional opportunities. New York State TESOL Journal, 2(1), 28-41.
  • Brillinger, K., Moran, K., & Sivell, J. (2014), Understanding student plagiarism, and advice for practical action. Contact, 40(1), 36-43.
  • Sivell, J. (2014). Phrase-matching software can draw instructional attention to a neglected aspect of unintended plagiarism. In Conference proceedings: 6th International Integrity & Plagiarism Conference, 9 pp.
  • Sivell, J. (2014). Three Fresh Perspectives on Student Plagiarism (2014). In C. Vilma Páez Pérez & J. Tennant (Eds.), WEFLA: IX Conferencia internacional sobre lenguas extranjeras, communicación y cultura. Holguin, CU: Universidad de Holguin. (CD ROM, Can 08.11: ISBN 978-995-16-2282-2). <>
  • Sivell, J. (2013). Factors underlying students’ appropriate or inappropriate use of scholarly sources in academic writing, and instructors’ responses. Iranian Journal of Language Teaching Research,1(2), pp. 65-84.
  • Sivell J. (2013). Why basic research matters II. Research matters, Council of Ontario Universities (Blog Post, December 11).
  • Sending them back to the well. (C. Sivell & J. Sivell) (2012) – CONTACT, 38 , iii, pp. 9-18. (available at:
  • Fostering Active, Language-Intensive Online Interaction: An Intercultural Communication Perspective (2011) – Transforming literacies: Multimodality and literacy in the new media age. Eds. C. Ho, K. Anderson, & A. Leong. New York: Continuum Press.
  • Freinet pedagogy in the twenty-first century. (2010) – How do children learn best?. Eds. D. Sahhuseyinoglu, & D. Ilisko. Children’s Research Centre, Ankara Turkey.
  • Conference presentations:
    • Paraphrasing, patchwriting, plagiarism and academic ethics (Poster) – American Association for Applied Linguistics/Canadian Association of Applied Linguistics Joint Conference, Toronto, forthcoming in March.
    • Plagiarism policies: Cross-cultural similarities and differences (S. Charubusp & J. Sivell) - (2015).Comparative and International Education Conference, Washington, forthcoming in March.
    • We’re back to the well: Now what? (K. Morrissey & L. Sivell) – (2014). TESL Ontario Conference, Toronto, October.
    • Phrase-matching software can draw instructional attention to a neglected aspect of unintended plagiarism (2014) – 6th International Integrity & Plagiarism Conference. Gateshead, UK, June.
    • Three fresh perspectives on student plagiarism (2014) – IX International Conference on Foreign Languages, Communication and Culture, WEFLA 2014, Holguin, Cuba, April.
    • Non-deficit-model perspective on paraphrase and plagiarism (2014) – Comparative and International Education Conference, Toronto, March.
    • Plagiarism as a form of human error (2013) – Presentation in a half-day symposium (K. Brillinger, K. Moran & J. Sivell) at TESL Ontario Conference, Toronto, October.
    • Professional happiness in the field of TESL (2013) – TESL Ontario Conference, Toronto, October.
    • ESL teachers and learners: A developmental dialogue (2012) – TESL Ontario Conference, Toronto, November.
    • Repositioning the ‘problem’ of academic plagiarism (2012) – TESL Ontario Conference, Toronto, November.
    • What`s in a page? (C. Sivell & J. Sivell) (2012). TESL Canada Conference, Kamloops, October.

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