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Recent Publications and Presentations

  • Sending them back to the well. (C. Sivell & J. Sivell) (2012) – CONTACT, 38 , iii, pp. 9-18. (available at:
  • Fostering Active, Language-Intensive Online Interaction: An Intercultural Communication Perspective (2011) – Transforming literacies: Multimodality and literacy in the new media age. Eds. C. Ho, K. Anderson, & A. Leong. New York: Continuum Press.
  • Freinet pedagogy in the twenty-first century. (2010) – How do children learn best?. Eds. D. Sahhuseyinoglu, & D. Ilisko. Children’s Research Centre, Ankara Turkey.
  • Prepackaged Tour versus Personal Journey: The Meaning of Informed Consent in Context of the Teacher-Study Group. (D. Yeager-Woodhouse & J. Sivell) (2006) – Journal of Academic Ethics, 9, i-iv, pp. 189-203.
  • Conference presentations at:
    • TESL Niagara Mini-Conference (St. Catharines, 2013): Reaching a Learning-Oriented Perspective on Plagiarism
    • TESL Ontario Conference (Toronto, 2012): ESL teachers and learners: A developmental dialogue; and Repositioning the ‘problem’ of academic plagiarism
    • TESL Canada Conference (Kamloops, BC, 2012): What’s in a page? (with C. Sivell); and Re-imagining what teacher expertise can be
    • TESL Canada Conference (Halifax, 2011): The TESL Canada Teachers’ Resource Centre and Web 2.0 Professionalism
    • IATEFL Conference (Brighton, UK, 2011): Freinet Movement and Best Practices for Professional Development
    • TESL Ontario Conference (Toronto, 2011): Sending Them Back to the Well (Co-presentation with C. Sivell)

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