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Hedy M. McGarrell, PhD (University of Ottawa)
Graduate Program Director & Professor
MC-D450J, Ext. 3757

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Dr. McGarrell is Professor of Applied Linguistics. She has taught, presented papers and carried out research in Europe, Africa, North America and Asia.


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Dr. McGarrell teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in Applied Linguistics/TESL. Most recently or currently taught courses include

Undergraduate Courses

  • LING 2P99 - Literacy in Childhood and Youth
  • LING 4P41 - Bilingualism
  • LING4P83 - Teaching Reading and Writing in a Subsequent Language

Graduate Courses

  • LING 5P02 - Pedagogical Grammar: Theory, Research and Practice
  • LING 5P05 - Writing in Teaching English as a Second Language: Theory, Research and Practice


Dr. McGarrell’s research interests include writing development in L2, applications of corpus linguistics, L2 language teacher knowledge, and TESL methodology.


Dr. McGarrell has served in many different roles both inside and outside of the Brock community since joining Brock University in 1988. Dr. McGarrell currently serves as the Graduate Program Director as well as on several university committees. She has previously served as Graduate Program Director, as Chair of DALS, and as Director of the Intensive English Language Program (IELP).

Beyond Brock, Dr. McGarrell is a member of the Editorial Board and a frequent reviewer for several international journals. In addition, she has reviewed book manuscripts for publishers including Blackwell, Cambridge Press, Longman, Oxford Press. She is currently a member of the TESOL Publications Committee.

Hedy M. McGarrell

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