What is Applied Linguistics?

What is Applied Linguistics?

Applied Linguistics is concerned with the systematic study of language structure, the acquisition of first and subsequent languages, the role of language in communication, and the status of language as the product of particular cultures and other social groups.

A background in linguistics is essential for language teachers, translators, speech-language pathologists, audiologists, and many other language professionals.

Applied Linguistics:

  • Examines the structure of language and its role in communication
  • Explores how children acquire language
  • Studies how the skills of second-language speakers develop
  • Investigates how the social or cultural environment interacts with language

Why Applied Linguistics at Brock?

  • Develop a strong foundation in the structure of language and its role in communication
  • Gain practical knowledge through clinical observations
  • Complete qualifications that provide access to accreditation in Adult ESL through TESL Ontario

Our Programs:

Undergraduates in all programs develop the same foundation of learning during the first two years of study. For a complete list of programs, please visit Department of Applied Linguistics Degree Programs.


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