Event/Speakers Series Proposal

CRISS event/speakers series awards are open to all faculty members, departments, centres and institutes housed in the Faculty of Social Sciences. These funds will be requested to support speakers, conferences, workshops, or other events that help to gather and/or disseminate knowledge.

Event/Speakers Series Proposal

The proposed date must be within twelve months of the application deadline.

Please include a description that details nature of the request, including how it contributes to and advances research and scholarship in the Social Sciences. Please be sure to indicate the unit/program that is requesting funds for the event or guest speaker, and include a description of the target audience for the event (350 word maximum).

Please list any other funds applied for, or currently held that will support this event.

Please provide a detailed budget with justification for all requests. Note that requests for honoraria vary widely. You are reminded to ensure that you provide justification for any funds requested for this purpose. Include information about sponsorship from other sources (source and amount).

Please indicate whether you have received previous CRISS funding for speakers or events.


If you have received CRISS speakers' funding in the past, please indicate the date that funding was received, a description of the project, and how it advanced research and scholarship in the Faculty of Social Sciences (150 word limit).

If this event includes an open invitation to the public, please provide a one-paragraph description of the event that is suitable for members of the public and for media distribution.