Collaborative Study in Labour Studies Program

Faculty of Social Sciences

Collaborative Study in Labour Studies Program

This program is designed for those who want to work in the labour movement.  It is available to Labour Studies co-majors who maintain a 70% average in their studies. 

About the program
Brock University and Mohawk College have teamed up to develop the Collaborative Program in Labour Studies. In just four years, students in this program earn both a twenty-credit BA degree from Brock University and a certificate in Labour Studies from Mohawk College.

The Labour Studies program at Mohawk College is designed to provide students with a variety of skills and abilities through in-class training and supervised work placements. It is designed to include a broad-based liberal education that provides students with a variety of career and post-graduate opportunities.

Structure of the program
During Year One of the program, students take all of their courses at Brock University. During Years 2-4, ten further credits are taken at Brock and a selection of courses are taken at Mohawk College (a reduced load of courses at Brock and part-time studies at Mohawk in each year). Details of all upper-year courses must be confirmed with the Coordinator of Collaborative Programs before registration for Year Two begins. Students will have the opportunity to complete a field placement for credit at Mohawk College.

Information About Applying to the Program