Collaborative Study in Behavioural Science Technology

Faculty of Social Sciences

Collaborative Study in Behavioural Science Technology

This program is designed for those who want to work with individuals who need to, or want to change their behaviour.  It is available to Psychology majors who maintain a 70% average in their courses. 

About the program
Brock University and St. Lawrence College in Kingston have teamed up to develop the collaborative Behavioural Science Technology program. In just four years, students earn both a twenty-credit BA degree from Brock University and a diploma in Behavioural Science Technology from St. Lawrence College.

This program is designed to include both theoretical and practical knowledge that provide students with a variety of career and post-graduate opportunities.

  • Autism treatment
  • Treatment of individuals who have sustained an acquired brain injury
  • Working with young offenders
  • Addictions treatment

A behaviourist teaches through a structured approach:

  • children to manage their behaviour in the classroom, improve their social skills on the playground
  • children with autism to communicate, play with others
  • people with developmental disabilities to take care of themselves, take advantage of community resources
  • young offenders to improve their social skills, manage their anger
  • persons with psychiatric disorders to reduce their stress, structure their day
  • persons with acquired brain injuries to utilize day planners, redevelop life skills

Students apply to the collaborative program at the end of their first successful year of study at Brock. A minimum 70% average is required to be considered for admission, but please note that reaching this minimum does not guarantee acceptance.

Contact: Kirsti van Dorsser

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