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Collaborative Programs

University-College Collaborations, Faculty of Social Sciences

Collaborative programs give students a unique opportunity to obtain both a degree at Brock and a diploma at a community college — all in just four years. With the programs, you acquire a strong base of theoretical knowledge combined with applied and practical experience. Most participating college programs involve field placements where you will gain valuable work experience.

 Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a “Faculty of Social Sciences University-College Collaboration”?

Collaborative programs allow students to complete both a four-year university degree at Brock and a college certificate or diploma at one of the Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology in Ontario in a shortened period of time. Instead of taking 5-7 years to complete both, students work on both concurrently and, in most cases, after four years of study, students will graduate with both their degree and their certificate/diploma. These programs are a response to society’s need for professionals who possess both a solid academic background and the applied skills and substantive knowledge needed in a variety of professions. They allow students to gain employability skills while completing a degree.

2. What programs are available in the Faculty of Social Sciences at Brock?
Collaborations exist in a wide variety of programs across the Faculty. See the menu for a complete list.

3. What are students saying about the programs?
The Policing and Criminal Justice program is one of our collaborative programs that has been ongoing for a number of years. The feedback that we have received from students suggests that this program is well-designed, and meets the needs of individuals who have a goal that involves policing, or a related career. Testimonials from three students who have completed the program (Ben, Justin, and Dave) can be found at the

Many of our other programs are relatively new, so there has only been one student who has sent in her impressions of the college experience. She attended Durham College in the Social Service Worker program, and has now returned to Brock with the goal of completing her Honours BA. During her year at Durham, she completed one placement in a vocational skills training program with the Canadian Association for Mental Health. She will complete another placement at the end of the coming year in a different setting. According to her, "I had such a great time at Durham College. The staff and administration were so eager to help with the transition. They have intesive on-the-job experience, and they really are experts at what they teach. The classes were small and so different from Brock but the opportunities I was given for hands-on learning makes me feel like I'm miles ahead of the game. The experience definitely opened my eyes to careers out there and many different ways to make a difference." - Maria

4. How do I apply to one of the programs?
In order to apply to these collaborations, you must first apply to Brock University and declare your major in the discipline that offers the collaboration (e.g., if the Psychology – Social Service Worker program is the goal, you would declare Psychology as your major). Please  contact the Adviser in your major before registering for courses to make sure that you are choosing the recommended courses for the program you have in mind. At the end of Year One, you apply for the collaboration of your choice using the appropriate application form (see the program page to access the form.)

If accepted, you will once again meet with the Adviser of your major before registering in Year Two classes to make sure that you have the correct courses for the program.