Collaborative Programs

Faculty of Social Sciences

Collaborative Programs

Collaborative programs give students a unique opportunity to obtain both a degree at Brock and a diploma at a community college — all in just four years. With the programs, you acquire a strong base of theoretical knowledge combined with applied and practical experience. Most participating college programs involve field placements where you will gain valuable work experience. In most cases, after four years of study, students will graduate with both their degree and their certificate/diploma.

These programs are a response to society’s need for professionals who possess both a solid academic background and the applied skills and substantive knowledge needed in a variety of professions. They allow students to gain employability skills while completing a degree.

The Faculty of Social Sciences currently offers these collaborative programs:

Behavioural Science Technology

Child and Youth Worker

Contemporary Labour Studies/Human Resources Management

Emergency Management

Film Studies




Policing and Criminal Justice

Public Relations

Social Service Worker (Durham College)

Social Service Worker (Sheridan College)

Yukon College

How do I apply to a collaborative program?

First, apply to Brock University and declare your major in the discipline that offers the collaboration. So, if you're interested in the Psychology – Social Service Worker program, declare Psychology as your major. Once you have been accepted, contact the Adviser for your major before registering for courses to make sure that you are choosing the recommended courses for the program you have in mind. At the end of Year One, you apply for the collaboration of your choice using the appropriate application form (see the program page to access the form.)

If accepted, you will once again meet with the Adviser of your major before registering in Year Two classes.