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Academic Advisers

Academic Advisers - All students are strongly encouraged to see their academic advisers on a regular basis.  This will ensure that program plans are completed with all requirements following all academic regulations.  Students should plan to see advisers at least once each year during the time that it takes to complete their degrees.  See the adviser contact list for names and contact information below.

When requesting a meeting by email, please ensure that you use your full name, and include your student number and 3-4 times when you are available. A day/time will be confirmed when your email is processed. If you book your appointments through an online appointment system, there is no need to contact your adviser via email.


Academic Adviser

Contact Information

BA Social Sciences

Jeanette Ramsay

Applied Linguistics

Jeanette Ramsay

Business Economics

David Love

Child and Youth Studies

Carol Penner

Alison Lahn

Year One Students

Upper-year Students

Collaborative Programs in the Social Sciences

Please see the Adviser
for your program


Popular Culture,

Penni Lafleur

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David Love

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Virginia Wagg

Stella Han

International Political Economy

Robert Dimand

Labour Studies

Diane Leon

Policing and Criminal Justice

Jeanette Ramsay

Political Science

Diane Leon


Kirsti van Dorsser

PSYC 1F90 Coordinator

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Viola Bartel

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Tourism and Environment

Jeanette Ramsay

Women's and Gender Studies

Jeanette Ramsay