Academic Advising-BA Social Science

Faculty of Social Sciences

Academic Advising-BA Social Science

Contact either of the following Academic Advisers       

Jeanette Ramsay,Program Coordinator/Academic Adviser


Academic Advisers from the Office of the Registrar

   or book an appointment  

Why is academic advising useful? 

Sound planning is an integral part of academic success. It is important to know what is required academically in progressing toward a degree. Understanding degree requirements, as well as establishing early contact with an Academic Adviser, are key factors that will be of assistance in working towards your academic goals. You are reminded that it is your responsibility to be aware of the rules, regulations, and requirements pertaining as required.  

The Advising Advantage: It is essential that students develop program plans in consultation with an Academic Adviser.

An Adviser will:

  • Discuss your academic interests and goals
  • Discuss various program options
  • Help you to develop a program plan (a map of courses required for degree completion)
  • Explain academic policies and regulations
  • Refer you to appropriate departments and services as required

Other useful contacts 

Office of the Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences


Student Records

Registar's Office



Academic Advising