SJRI Affiliated Faculty Members

SJRI Affiliated Faculty Members


Kate Bezanson Sociology

Mary Breunig Recreation and Leisure Studies

Jonah Butovsky Sociology

Darlene Ciuffetelli Parker Teacher Education

Nancy Cook Sociology

Diane Collier Teacher Education

Lauren Corman Sociology

Kendra Coulter Centre for Labour Studies

Maria del Carmen Suescun Pozas History

Stefan Dolgert Political Science

Michael Driedger History

Janique Dubois Political Science

Ann Duffy Sociology

David Fancy Dramatic Arts

Margot Francis Women's and Gender Studies

Tami Friedman History

Paula Gardner Community Healty Sciences

Jane Helleiner Sociology

Ana Isla Centre for Women's and Gender Studies

Richard Mitchell Child and Youth Services

Dolana Mogadime Graduate & Undergraduate Education

Laurie Morrison Liaison Services

Joe Norris Dramatic Arts

Trent Newmeyer Recreation and Leisure Studies

Hijin Park Sociology

Carmela Patrias History

Shauna Pomerantz Child and Youth Studies

Larry Savage Centre for Labour Studies

Barbara Seeber English Language and Literature

Dennis Soron Sociology

Nancy Taber Graduate & Undergraduate Education

Susan Tilley Graduate & Undergraduate Education 

Cathy Van Ingen Kinesiology

Michelle Webber Sociology