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Updates from SJRI’s Acting Director | David Butz

Dear SJRI affiliated members:

As Acting Director of the SJRI for the next six months while Janet Conway is on sabbatical leave, I’m writing to wish you a Happy New Year and a successful Winter Term, and to update you on recent and upcoming SJRI activities, initiatives and opportunities.

As Janet noted in last term’s update from the Director, the Faculty Steering Committee has developed a short, medium and long-term plan that orients all SJRI activity around a core mission of producing world-class, transdisciplinary social justice scholarship. In addition to scholarly knowledge production we are attending to SJRI’s long-term organizational stability and financial viability; meaningful engagement of SJRI members; mentoring of graduate students and post-doctoral fellows; and building appropriate and enduring community partnerships. The items outlined below stem from this planning process.

These include: (1) Upcoming Events, Activities and Initiatives; (2) Ongoing Programs, Services and Endeavours; (3) Current Preoccupations; (4) Congratulations and Recognition; (5) Thanks and Praises.

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Since 2007 Studies in Social Justice has been managed and published by the Centre for Studies in Social Justice at the University of Windsor. Following the Centre’s recent closure, the journal’s operations have been relocated to the Social Justice Research Institute (SJRI) at Brock University. To learn more read about the Focus and Scope of this open access journal or access the current issue for free.