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Student Life is your hub, your one-stop-shop of information, news and entertainment. This is not your ordinary current students portal. Yes your academic and institutional information is here (after all this is a University), but so is your recreational and athletic information, links to student clubs and organizations, the latest Brock Brief, Brock Press and the Campus store are all available here. Submit your pictures and help us create a photo gallery that is made up of only your best shots. Create your Both Sides of the Brain profile and let us publish it. Student Life is here to showcase you!


Brock TV
BrockTV is Brock University's Student Television Network.
Daily programming made by students, for students, is always available at
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Foundations in Leadership

Brock University has a long tradition of fostering leadership abilities in its' students. Working from the perspective that effective leaders know how to motivate and work dynamically with others, the Leadership Development Service was conceived of to broaden the opportunities for all Brock students to gain the competitive edge that our student leaders have long carried with them from Brock into their futures. The service offers skill based training and leadership programming designed to bring out and polish the leader in you.  


Brock University Students' Union (BUSU)

BUSU’s mandate stretches beyond the businesses and services that we directly control. We are also here to influence decision-makers on your behalf. Whether they are in government, within the University, private industry or not-for-profits, there are many organizations that can affect your life as a student. BUSU actively lobbies for effective change that will benefit your life and your student experience.


Brock Student Ambassadors (BSA)

The Brock Student Ambassadors are dedicated volunteers who link students, alumni, the University, and the community with the desire to improve the quality of life and learning for the entire Brock community. The BSA were the first student group of its kind at Brock to play a unique and fundamental role by giving back to the community in which they live and learn.As a group, BSA members  volunteer and fundraise for the University and charitable organizations, working with students, faculty and staff, the community, donors, and graduates.  


Student Justice Centre (SJC)

The Student Justice Centre is a student-run and student-driven service for students that operates under the auspices of BUSU. The SJC provides a Safe Space for students experiencing issues of harrassment (sexual or otherwise), bullying, body image, or any other form of discrimination or unfair treatment. We provide supportive listening, and offer information and referrals. Services are always confidential and the student retains control of how they wish to proceed.

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Brock Leaders Citizenship Society

The members of the BLSC are always looking to become part of large initiatives at Brock. They are dedicated individuals who desire to be part of events in the University and community. Through regular meetings and constant communication, members of the BLCS plan their initiatives and execute them with the leadership abilities that first enabled them to become part of the organization.The Brock Leaders Citizenship Society kicked off their inaugural year by participating in Shinerama 2009 - September 12th 2009.



Student Development Centre

The Student Development Centre supports and promotes the present and future well-being of students. They enhance student development and success through innovative programs, services and partnerships. We strive to create a community that is accessible to all, one where diversity is celebrated and good citizenship is valued. The Student Development Centre provides seven services to students: aboriginal student services, leadership programs, non-academic student discipline, personal counselling, services for students with disabilities and student event risk management.

A-Z Learning Services works out of SLIC and provides free academic support for all Brock students to help them achieve their full potential in university and beyond.