Exam Procedures

Exam Procedures

Exam Procedures

Exam Procedures:

SSWD Test and Exam Centre services can assist instructors with the provision of accommodations for mid-term tests and exams and coordinates the administration of these accommodations.

Instructors are encouraged to discuss documented accommodation needs with students directly. Wherever possible, proactive and inclusive options to allow a student to complete short in-class evaluations should be offered in order to reduce the need for segregated supports.

For mid-term and final exams where individual accommodations are required to be arranged outside of the classroom, the SSWD test and exam centre is available to provide administration of exams. In order for SSWD to maintain the integrity of the exam process on your behalf, it is important that the following procedures and deadlines are followed. This helps to ensure required resources are available, avoid last minute confusion and will allow a more efficient and effective service for all stakeholders.

In-class mid-term exams and tests:

  1. Early in the term instructors make students aware of upcoming test and mid-term exam dates, times and duration of the test/exam.
  2. Currently it is the student’s responsibility to submit a request for SSWD to administer accommodations for a course scheduled mid-term test/exam at least 14 days prior to the test (alternate deadlines for December and April final exams are posted).
    • Students complete an on-line Test/Exam Accommodation Request and submit this electronically via a student on-line tools portal.
    • Students must be aware of and submit the test date, time and duration of tests at the time of booking
    • Test requests after the 14 day deadline will not be accepted unless documented extenuating circumstances can be provided. The student will be advised that they will write the test in the classroom without accommodations.
  3. 10 days before the test date an e-mail notification and test confirmation request is sent to the instructor / course coordinator of the course.
  4. At the instructor’s earliest convenience and no later than 7 days prior to the test date, instructors respond to the request for information (LINK) (and test copy if available at this time).
    • We must receive this information in advance of the test date to allow us to coordinate space and invigilator staffing; to arrange for necessary equipment and software; to prepare necessary administrative paperwork, schedules, exam sheets; and to ensure that we have noted and follow your specific instructions
  5. No later than 2 business days prior to the test date, the instructor or course coordinator provides a copy of the test to the SDC Test / Exam Centre. Exam scripts can be uploaded following a link provided or a hard copy delivered to the Exam Centre, ST411.
    • Please ensure that the test scripts includes the course code, section and instructor name, and the date and scheduled time of the test (e.g. October 23, 2009 at 7 pm – 7:50pm),
    • Please do not forget to include any additional materials provided at the time of the test/exam, e.g. hard copies of slide materials, charts, periodic table etc.
    • If there has not been any response regarding test information, receipt or actual receipt of a test script by this deadline, it will be assumed that the student will be accommodated by the instructor. The student will be advised of such.
  6. On the scheduled day, SDC Test/Exam Centre services will administer the test.
    • If an incident occurs or information needs to be provided to the instructor, SSWD will attempt to contact the instructor in person, and/or an incident report will be completed by the invigilator or exam coordinator and attached to the test materials.
  7. Unless SSWD is otherwise notified by faculty, completed tests/exams will be returned to the instructor within two business days by an internal mail services courier following an internal delivery tracking system.

Unscheduled Quizzes/Tests

Instructors must contact SSWD at ext.4028 at the start of term to make arrangements when students will not be given at least 14 day’s notice of tests or quizzes.

Make-up Term Tests/Exams

If a student misses a scheduled test/exam due to illness the student is required to approach the instructor to discuss how to proceed. A student registered with the Student Development Centre is required to provide the same documentation as any other student. IF a student claims to have missed a test due to ongoing symptoms related to his/her disability, instructors should contact SSWD to confirm the disability related request for a make-up test.

If for any other reason a student misses a scheduled test, the exam will not be re-scheduled in the SDC exam centre unless exceptional circumstances can be documented or confirmed by the instructor/student. Exam Centre rescheduling will be at the discretion of SSWD.

  1. If possible the student is required to inform the Accommodations Coordinator the day before the exam if, due to illness, he/she will not be able to write the test.
    • SSWD will advise the instructor of the student’s illness or of a missed test
  2. The student is advised to contact the instructor to discuss options and to provide a medical note within 7 days as per University regulations.
  3. If a make-up term test is authorized by the instructor, the student must submit an online request to write the test in the SDC Exam Centre giving a required 7 day’s notice AND the student must provide a signed Missed Test/Exam Make-Up Request Form from the instructor as well as a copy of the medical note prior to the test being administered.
  4. Please note: SDC Test/Exam Centre still requires a lead time of 7 days for submission requests for make-up tests.
  5. Alternatively, if the test must be written within 7 days of the originally scheduled test date, instructors have the option to administer the make-up test within their academic department.

December/April Exams

If December/April exams are submitted to the print shop by the deadline for printing, SSWD will obtain the exam script from the print shop. If not, instructors must submit the exam script to SSWD Exam Centre (ST 411) 7 days prior to the final exam.

Instructors or T.A.s are encouraged to visit their students in the SSWD Exam Centre during the exam to answer questions OR provide SSWD with contact information for an appropriate person who can be reached in the event that a student has a question on the exam.

Instructors may pick up completed exams in the SSWD Exam Centre. Please call ex. 4028 to ask when the student(s) will have completed the exam.

Exams that are not picked up are delivered by hand to department administrative offices. Exception: departments located off site from the Main campus, e.g. East Academic are sent through internal mail services courier following an internal delivery tracking system.

Conflict/Change of Exam

Any student that needs to change the time of their exam due to a scheduling conflict OR due to a disability related reason (which would typically have been identified previously as an accommodation need) must request approval for a Test/Exam Time Change Request form signed by their case manager. Instructors are asked to approve this form and confirm the alternate exam date (or arrange one with the student if none is requested on the form).

Final/Progress exam schedule conflicts which have been identified by the required deadline will be moved to the next appropriate scheduled exam time slot unless other disability related factors necessitate otherwise or to a course make-up date if one has been identified by the instructor.

Students must request or identify the need for a disability related change of exam time by the SSWD published deadline for exam requests.

Instructors must indicate on the form (or by email) if they will be sending a new exam script, and if so, must arrange for SSWD to have the alternate exam script at least 2 days prior to the re-scheduled date.

Deferred Final/Progress Exams

Students absent from a Final/Progress examination with just cause must first contact the instructor for permission to write a Deferred Examination.

According to University Regulations, any such application to the instructor must be accompanied by required supporting documentation and must be submitted within seven days of the examination. Any medical request must be supported by a completed Student Medical Certificate, Brock University or Brock University Student Health Services Medical Certificate (and include any relevant medical documentation) certifying that the student was not capable of attempting the examination at the scheduled date and time.

Students must receive instructor’s approval before SSWD will schedule a make-up exam. Students/instructors can download a Deferred Final/Progress Exam Request Form for completion and signature by the instructor OR alternatively instructors can forward an email communication (sswd@brocku.ca) giving approval and timelines for completion.

SSWD will reschedule the deferred exam only within the pre-scheduled deferred exam dates closely following the last day of the exam period.

Final and Progress missed exams are not able to be re-scheduled within the ongoing final exam timetable.
If, based on documented need, the student will require a lengthier period of time, past the set deferred exam dates, the 7 day notice of request will apply.

At the time of re-scheduling, instructors must inform SSWD (email is fine) if they will be sending an alternate exam script and if so, must arrange for SSWD to have the script at least 2 days prior to the re-schedule date. 

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