Accommodation Process

Accommodation Process

Accommodation Process

Students registered with SSWD have provided this office with appropriate required documentation to confirm their permanent disability. This documentation includes information on the student’s functional limitations and its impact in an educational setting, which are the foundation of determining a student’s individualized approved accommodations. 

The SSWD case manager will discuss any disability related academic challenges and recommend available supports and reasonable accommodations.

Accommodations are recommended on an individual basis considering the known program/course requirements.  Accommodations are meant to remove barriers that may impede students with disabilities from participating fully or allowing an equal opportunity to fulfill the requirements of the course or program.  Brock University requires that all students fulfill the essential requirements of their course or program, but recognizes that students with a disability may require accommodations to enable them to do so.

Students must contact SSWD each new academic term to request / update accommodations. SSWD then provides the instructor with a list of approved academic accommodations for this individual student. Faculty are encouraged to contact SSWD with any questions or concerns regarding approved accommodations in relation to their course requirements.

Students are requested to meet with their course instructors to discuss their individual needs for each course.

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Register with Services for Students with Disabilities

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