Note Taking Service

Note Taking Service

Note Taking Service

Be a note taker for Services for Students with Disabilities (SSWD):

  • Improve your note taking
  • Add it to your resume
  • Help a fellow student
  • Receive a "Thank You" honorarium at the end of term "Note Taking" Portal:

  • Register to be a note taker
  • Volunteer your courses
  • Upload notes when hired

Note Taking Portal

The note taking service is provided to ensure equal access to classroom information. Note takers provide notes from lectures/seminars for students with a documented disability who may have difficulty making a complete set of notes due to the impact of the disability.

SSWD works within the Brock community to develop an equitable and accessible environment so that students with disabilities are fully included in the university experience.

SSWD facilitates accommodations to students with visual and/or hearing impairment, physical, medical, mental health and learning disabilities.

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