A Sample of Service Learning Courses:

Service-Learning at Brock

A Sample of Service Learning Courses:

Foundations for Community Engagement (SOCI 2F60)

Foundations for Community Engagement combines community involvement with academic study of local issues and citizen responses.  Through bi-weekly lectures, readings, seminars and scholarly reflection, students explore critical perspectives on volunteering, civic participation and activism.  These themes are brought to life by a series of out-of-classroom learning opportunities that take place throughout the academic year in the interval between lectures.  Depending on students’ interests, their community engagement may include volunteer work, arts events, historical tours, cultural festivals, public lectures, and more.  All students will be supported to take part in some form of activism, consistent with their convictions.  

This Social Sciences context credit is open to Brock students in every program and year of study.

Course instructor: Dr. Kevin Gosine, kgosine@brocku.ca


Experiential Education in Recreation and Leisure (RECL 4Q96)

This course considers theories and practices of experiential education in recreation and leisure settings from historical, philosophical, spiritual, psychological perspectives.  Because the course is student-directed, the academic and experiential learning focus may differ each year.  In 2012, the class deliberated about how to use a service-learning incentive grant to best serve a community need.  After putting forward several ideas, students thought through five proposals and ultimately chose to develop a community greening project.  The end result of their discussions, community organizing and volunteer work was the creation of an outdoor classroom at the Wheatley Montessori School in St. Catharines.  The space is designed to be an outdoor sanctuary for students and teachers, which will facilitate learning in an outdoor context.

This course is open to RECL majors with a minimum of 13.5 overall credits.


International Perspectives on Development through Sport, Health, and Physical Education (PEKN 4F32)

This international course explores ways in which sport, health, and physical education can be tools to help foster the healthy development of children and youth. The course has been offered five times over the past 7 years and it has taken close to 100 Physical Education and Kinesiology majors from Brock to three different countries (British Virgin Islands, Antigua, El Salvador). Students in this course have taught in local schools, delivered professional development workshops and helped to facilitate the Unity Games in each country they have attended. As part of their preparation, students have also run the Niagara Unity Games which has brought in over 300 children and youth from disadvantaged areas across the Niagara Region.

This course is only available to students majoring in physical education or kinesiology.

Course instructor: Dr. James Mandigo, jmandigo@brocku.ca

Service Learning in the Goodman School of Business

Service-Learning in the Goodman School of Business is a project-based teaching-learning strategy that connects classroom theory to challenges experienced in the real world.

Facilitated by the Business Career Development Office (BCDO), Service-Learning projects are incorporated into a variety of business courses each year with the support of a dedicated Relationship Manager who works closely with faculty and community partners.

For more information about service-learning opportunities within the Goodman School of Business please click here.