Service-Learning Project Seed Money

Service-Learning at Brock

Service-Learning Project Seed Money

Service-learning offers opportunities for faculty, staff and students to partner with community groups on and off-campus to enrich learning, share knowledge and resources (from the community and the university), and increase Brock’s curricular engagement in the Niagara Region. Service-learning typically has academic learning, civic learning and personal learning as its outcomes and is a component of Brock University’s current Strategic Mandate Agreement, which can be accessed here. 

This project seed money is available to faculty and staff members at Brock University who are looking to develop or expand service-learning related activities.  These small funds of up to $300 are specifically to support:

  • Development of service-learning courses or components (local, national and international);
  • Conferences and/or professional development opportunities;
  • Development, review, and assessment of reflection activities to make closer links with course content and outcomes;
  • Exploration and building of partnerships in the Niagara community to enhance the effectiveness of service-learning in the associated course(s).

Note:  The Service-Learning Resource Centre (located in ST226) offers resources to assist in the achievement of the above objectives.



All full-time tenured, probationary, limited-term, and part-time faculty are eligible to apply for Service-Learning Project Seed Money. The seed money is also available to staff members involved in the administration of service-learning courses, for use in a specified service-learning course. Funding preference will be given to service-learning projects that are not funded through other sources. The proposed project must clearly include a positive and reciprocal relationship between Brock faculty, students and either an internal or external community partner.

Terms of Agreement

Applicants must use all funds and have the appropriate financial documents returned to the Service-Learning Resource Centre no later than April 15, 2014.  A written report must accompany the use of the funds and be submitted to the Service-Learning Resource Centre no later than April 30, 2014.  This report must also provide recognition to the Service-Learning Resource Centre for the provision of funds.  All recipients will also be added to the Brock Service-Learning E-Mail List for future notifications.

Use of Funds

Applicants need to identify how the funds will be used to support a service-learning initiative and complete the budget. 


Deadline date:

These small funds are distributed on an on-going basis and will be adjudicated once per month.   Applications are available by clicking here.


Seedling grows

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