Parent Information

Parent Information

 We know you want the best for your son or daughter.  Brock is pleased to present this information to help you understand Student Awards and Financial Aid at Brock.  To begin, please take a look at of Student Awards and Financial Aid 'Facts and Figures" page.


Future Students

After your son or daughter has decided on a university, one of the most important considerations is how they are going to finance their education.  

Click here to find Brock University and associated costs, budgeting information and banking information from the Costs and Budgeting section of our website.

When it comes to student awards and bursaries at Brock there is an abundance of options for your son or daughter to choose from. If your child is an incoming Brock student please, visit our website for Awards and Bursaries for incoming students.

To help you understand the difference between awards and bursaries, let us provide you a general description of the two. Awards, tend to be based on merit (such as grades, or leadership, etc.)  Bursaries, on the other hand, tend to be based on financial need.


Current Students

For current and returning Brock Students, our awards open up each year on April 1 and close May 31. The OneApp is an easy way to apply for awards that are applicable to you.  A full listing is also available for review.

Our bursary program opens up each year Aug. 1 and closes Oct. 14. Students are only required to submit one application to be considered for all Brock bursaries.  Use the OneApp to apply for bursaries.

For some families, student loans are sometimes a necessity. OSAP Information is also available through our website.


Student Privacy

We take your son or daughter's privacy seriously.  We're happy to provide you with general information about our programs, however, specific information will not be discussed with a third party unless we have a signed waiver from your son or daughter.

To submit a waiver for third-party access, the student must follow these instructions:

  1. Go to, sign in then click on the "Student Self Service" tab.
  2. Select the "ThirdPartyAuth" link under the "Additional Info" link.
  3. Click "New" and complete the form.

This waiver of information expires at the end of each Fall/Winter session.